A Love Letter to Isla Vista

Riots, burning couches, and partying…you may not have the best reputation, but you have a special place in my heart. 

When people think of Isla Vista, they think of wild college students, rampant hyper-sexuality, and immorality. In fact, Isla Vista is an extended representation of the UCSB "party school" stereotype. 

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However, the people that live here know just how truly special it is. IV locals know the feeling of a fresh CAJÉ açaí bowl on a sunny Santa Barbara day. They know the joy that comes with biking to Sands and watching the sunset with your friends. Isla Vista is the perfect combination of relaxation and entertainment.

The beach, parks, and a vibrant college-student population...it's the small town that you never get bored of. It has the duality of a small town atmosphere during daylight that quickly becomes a buzzing, nightlife center. It's a place of so much life and diversity of ideas and people. From tasting your first Freebirds nachos after a night out Freshman year to the Buddha bowl you ate last week, for the small town that it is, IV even has so many readily available #gauchogrubs. 

The magical little college town of Isla Vista has given me the beautiful souls I'm fortunate enough to call my best friends. It has taught me the importance of achieving a balance between school and fun. It's shown me that even during midterms, there's always time to catch a sunset and be reminded of the beauty of life. I've learned to free myself of self-doubt and feel comfortable being the most unapologetic-me. 

So despite the negativity and stereotypes that surround it, I am so proud to call myself an IV local.