Living & Learning: Laura Lora

HC: Tell us about your music & your current projects.

I am an artist- I have been influenced with many forms of music such as Afro pop, hip-hop, rnb, soul music, and dancehall reggae. Because of that my sound has different elements of all of these forms of music. I incorporate rap and dancehall vocal style in my verses, rnb style in my hooks and background voices. Then I look for instrumentals that have 808 thump basses, resembling hip-hop and Afro pop tempos. At least. that’s the vision that I am working towards. My current Project is called “A KOLD Beginning.” It has all of the elements I mentioned before but I think the most important part of this project is that it’s me. It’s literally a piece of me. I worked on it for about two years, since I was a freshman in college. So it has a lot of tough life experiences that I touched on and has help me grow as an artist and person. It's allowed me to be vulnerable and really learn how the business works and functions. It’s just the “Beginning."

HC: What has inspired you and keeps you going?

This is a difficult question but I would say the future keeps me going. This can mean a lot of things but the ultimate goal is what I am interested in. Being inquisitive and eager to know what the future holds if I keep putting in energy and hard work is my motivation.

HC: What are your ultimate goals?

My ultimate goal is to spread as much positive energy as I can through music. Reminding people that love is what should drive our success not money - because money brings the evil and desperate intentions out of people. And when people are money driven, they don’t mind exploiting and harming other people at the expense for their fake happiness. The ultimate goal is to dedicate my life to the art, simply for change and impact. Possible field work in the future.

HC: Challenges you've faced thus far?

My challenges are time and money to be honest. As a college student, I’m broke and busy as LA freeway. Papers, readings, midterms, and even work, they all keep me so busy that I am forced to put my passion second. The lack of money also contributes to this challenge with time. If I have money and time, I can gather more resources and expand that creative boundary that I'm hung upon. 

HC: Why should people listen to your art?

My art makes you feel human that’s why people should listen to it.I t’s a movement, a social one to be specific. It's a voice for the people who see the criticism and want to combat it. My music is a home, aiming to connect the African diaspora, while also integrating contemporary popular culture. I have something to say. People to share my gathering and reflection of the world with. Literally, I've had the opportunity to experience both sides of the world (Ghana and South Central LA), whether it's poverty or happiness. Now it's just a matter of grabbing the attention of people and their support, while declaring a new side of history through music, dance, fashion, and literature. I mean the list goes on and on! It’s a new renaissance. The possibility is endless…

HC: If anyone wants to listen to your music in their free time, where can they find you?

People can join me on Facebook: LAURA LORA- Soundcloud: LauraLora – Youtube: LauraLora- Instagram:Lauraloramusic- Snapchat: Mslauralora. I am very fun so wherever you choose to join me, you’ll have a chill time.