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Let’s Knock Out Your Fitness Resolutions (at home)!

Is the start of the quarter really putting a damper on your New Year’s Resolution to work out more? Are you clueless as to where to start? Are you super swamped and can’t find the time to go to the gym? 

Don't worry! There are a ton of different work out combinations you can do with the right mindset and playlist. Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud have a huge assortment of playlists that help keep you pumped and ready to work. Six Pack Bags has a plethora of Spotify playlists that can cater to just about anyone’s music taste. If you're more into Soundcloud, make sure to check out Dyln Flavours Hyphy Pregame! Trust me, you will NOT regret it, unless of course you stop working out and start dancing (which might happen, sorry).

But first, it's essential to make the time to work towards your eventual goal, whatever that might be. It all depends on your body and how much work you’re willing to put in. If working out makes you tired, maybe it’s best to work out at night before you head to bed but if you’re a morning person it might be beneficial to wake up an extra thirty minutes before usual to get some quick exercise in.If you’re looking for something short and simple, there are a multitude of different “living room” workouts that you could do at home and that won’t take much time! These are available through a quick google search. Some workouts will note that you should repeat them while others are already extensive in their number of exercises. 

One thing to keep in mind when you’re doing your search is to pick exercises that work for you. If you’re into increasing your core strength or getting rid of that little extra stomach fat that’s right below your abs (don’t worry, we all got it), leg lifts, scissor kick crunches, bicycle crunches, and side crunches are some options to add into your routine. If you’re into focusing on arms and abs, you might do push-ups, planks, or mountain climbers. If you're into working out your legs, try some jumping jack squats, lunges, high knees, calf raises, or wall sits.

Those “living room” workouts that I mentioned earlier actually work wonders if you stay consistent. Here is one of my favorites. I usually just spell out my name with these exercises. If I’m feeling ambitious sometimes I’ll spell out my first, middle and last name! It depends on how much time I have on my hands. You're free to substitute any of the workouts with other exercises that might better fit your particular goal.

Living Room Workout 
  • A: 30 Mountain Climbers
  • B: 25 Jumping Jacks
  • C: 25 Squats
  • D: 20 Lunges 
  • E: 10 Push Ups
  • F: 20 Crunches 
  • G: 40 Russian Twists 
  • H: 40 Mountain Climbers
  • I: 30 Jumping Jacks
  • J: 20 Squats
  • K: 24 Lunges 
  • L: 5 Push Ups
  • M: 25 Crunches
  • N: 30 Russian Twists
  • O: 20 Mountain Climbers
  • P: 50 Jumping Jacks
  • Q: 30 Squats
  • R: 20 Lunges
  • S: 15 Push Ups
  • T: 20 Crunches
  • U: 50 Russian Twists
  • V: 50 Mountain Climbers
  • W: 15 Jumping Jacks
  • X: 30 Squats
  • Y: 20 Lunges
  • Z: 5 Push Ups

Courtesy of skinnyms.com 

Workout Applications

If you want to try something else, here are some apps that you might be interested in: 

  1. Johnson and Johnson 7 Minute Workout: This app has a seven-minute workout set up that takes into account the needs of any person who might not have the time to do an actual workout at the gym.

  2. 7-Minute Workout by Wahoo Fitness: Much like the app above, this app also sets up a seven-minute workout but of course encompasses different workouts. Just another app to check out!

  3. Noom: This app not only focuses on short but rewarding workouts but also helps you plan out other necessary ways to stay healthy with meal prep tips, workout strategies and weight trackers. 

  4. MyFitnessPalThis app customizes your goals based off of your body type and the food you’re eating. It has a wide variety of different foods to choose from and helps you keep track of the calories you're actually burning.

  5. InstagramFollowing popular trainers/fitness experts might also be a good choice because many of them are always posting tips, workouts and ways to eat healthier AND we're always on our phones anyways so might as well check them out!

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Staying fit and active is extremely important in order to stay healthy. Regardless of what type of outlet you use, whether it be a rigorous workout or a 30 minute stroll along the beach, keeping your body moving is one of the many ways to keep your body and mind in check, something that is incredibly important for us students. 

Shante Boudaghi is a fourth year Religious Studies and Sociology double major at UCSB who is also pursuing a certificate in Business Communication and Law! When she's not dancing with her collegiate hip hop team, you can catch her teaching kids about the history and fundamentals of Hip Hop culture and dance at different elementary schools in the Santa Barbara area.
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