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Lauren’s Beauty Blog: Summer Nails

I can hardly wait for summer–less than two weeks left! Naturally, instead of preparing for finals, I decided to give myself a manicure, and play with some new nail polish I received from Julep this month. So check out this new, fun design that will be sure to brighten up your finals week:

You will need: light blue polish, two shades of coral or pink polish, white polish, and something you can use to create the design on your nails (I used a toothpick).

1. Start by painting your nails using the light blue polish. Then, let them dry for a few minutes so that the polish doesn’t smear when you begin painting your design.

2. With a toothpick, draw white dots with curving lines (so that they kind of resemble bubbles) on all of your nails except for the one on which you want to paint the design.

3. With the other end of the toothpick (or a totally new toothpick) draw a starfish with the darker color of coral polish. It’s easiest to draw one line, and then connect the other “arms” of the starfish to the first line you initially painted.

4. Next, draw the shell with the darker color of coral nail polish. Start by using your toothpick to draw the bottom of the shell with a straight line. To draw the top parts of the shell, try to make a balloon-shaped figure and connect it to the bottom straight line that you already drew. This one was difficult for me to draw, so don’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t come out perfectly the first time.

5. Use the lighter shade of coral nail polish to put the finishing touches on your starfish and shell. See the picture below for an idea of how I did mine!

6. Finish off your manicure with adding some white dots around your designs!

Good luck with finals! Happy Summer :) 

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