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Lauren’s Beauty Blog: Academy Award Make Up (Do It Yourself!)

This years' red carpet events garnered a mix of ooohs and aaahs as my friends and I watched (and judged) the hot looks pulled off by our favorite celebrities. Some of my style icons rocked their gorgeous couture and classic glam looks while others, er, maybe try again next year. (Gwyneth Paltrow, you’re taking your super hero movies a little too seriously—leave the cape at home next time!) But, overall, everyone looked fabulous and there were definitely some fun new trends and even some re-vamped classic ones that I can’t wait to try out!

A big theme for the celebs this year was the classic look in both their hair and makeup. Many stars rocked the classic cat eye with either defined, bold eyeliner or a sexy smoky look and almost everyone wore it with long, full lashes. Lots of these celebs opted for a nude lip and a more fresh-faced look, while a few more daring women went all out and wore a shade of red. Another noticeable trend up and down the carpet were stars flaunting their bold and well-groomed eyebrows. Thank god that caveman, bushy, and untamed eyebrow look from a few years ago is finally out—I was starting to really miss my salon downtown! After lots of intensive (well, fun) research, I found some fun new ways to try out your favorite celeb-award-season looks so that you are ready to shine the next time you go dancing downtown or have a hot date with that cutie from the LAX team.

Classic Cat Eye:

  • Who Wore It: Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, Jennifer LopezWhat You'll Need: cream eyeliner, any color eye shadow, mascara
  1. With a medium-sized makeup brush, dust your eye shadow on the entire eyelid. For a more defined look, go with a lighter color.
  2. Starting with the outside corner of your eye, pull your eyelid flat and straight. While you are doing this, draw a fine line as close to your lash line as possible. Keep drawing the line inward until your lash line ends.
  3. Fill in your eyeliner if you missed a spot or trace over it again to create a straighter, darker line.
  4. Now comes the “cat” part. Keeping your eyelid pulled flat and straight, draw a thin line from where your eyeliner started toward the end of your eyebrow (like you want the eyeliner to meet up exactly with the very end of your eyebrow) and curve the line slightly upwards.
  5. Feel free to make your eyeliner darker by going over it a couple times or try creating a bigger curve for and ultra-glam look.
  6. Apply mascara.

For a more subtle cat eye look when you are done with your eyeliner, lightly dust some more eye shadow on top.

The Perfect Red Lips:

  • Who Wore It: Milla Jovovich, Angelina Jolie, Ronney Mara
  • What You'll Need:red lipstick, chapstick, nude lip-line
  1. Exfoliation is going to be your golden ticket to pull this look off because nothing looks more hideous than chunky red lipstick. Ew. So in order to avoid this disaster, you should exfoliate your lips with either your toothbrush or a paper towel. To use your toothbrush, you literally just brush your lips until they are baby soft, which would be for about a minute. If this is too weird for you, then just wipe your lips on a paper towel for easy disposal. This method won’t work quite as well, but will still do a decent job.
  2. Next put a small amount of Chap Stick on to create a base for your lipstick.
  3. Use a nude lip-liner and trace the edges of your lips so the edges of the red lipstick will stay on and you won’t have strange looking splotchy lipstick the minute you take a sip of your drink.
  4. Put on your favorite shade of red
  5. Optional: Lip-gloss for some extra shine, and you are all set!

As for eyebrows, I would recommend always going to a salon to get them done, especially if you haven’t gone in a while. Your eyebrows are delicate and if you pull out one wrong hair you could end up looking really funny or embarrassing. And to be honest, they are the professionals and know what they are doing so it’s worth the ten bucks to get them done right. If you want anything specific, like a certain shape or arch, just bring in a picture and I’m sure they would be happy to do it for you.

At the end of the day, no matter who wore it best or who looked like a hot mess, everyone looked fabulous on the red carpet in their best couture and Harry Winston diamonds (drool). With these tips, I hope you feel inspired to create your inner glam goddess and feel just as red carpet worthy as your favorite celebrities!

Feel free to comment to Lauren with questions on these beauty tips, or requests for certain look for the future!

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