Kim Petras' Halloween Mixtape Review: TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL. 1

Halloween season has officially begun following the release of TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL  1,   German pop star Kim Petras’ new mixtape.  The eight songs flow frightfully and beautifully together as they create the perfect vibe for Halloween. Turn off the Light needs to be added into your Spotify playlist this holiday season. Some tracks highlight her impressive vocals while others encompass creepy synths and banging beats which aren’t any less impressive. Her unique mix of pop and fright come together to create a mixtape that can be enjoyed all year long.  

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Up until this point, Kim Petras had only released singles. These singles include Heart to Break, Hillside Boys, and Can’t do Better, only to name a few. She’s been associated with acts such as Charli XCX, as she is featured on Charli XCX’s Unlock It. Currently, she is opening for Troye Sivan on his BLOOM tour. Fans had been anticipating an album due to Petras’ ghostly instagram teaser posts leading to the release of Turn off the Light. No one was expecting a Halloween mixtape, yet the fans were anything but disappointed. 

The mixtape begins with o.m.e.n, which comes in with a sinister beat that is reminiscent to The Twilight Zone theme song. O.m.e.n., sets the mood for the album with grace. Petras begins to harmonize towards the end, which flows perfectly with the eerie sound that accompanies it. The production on this track alone is worth appreciating. It then leads into Close Your Eyes. 

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Close Your Eyes is a certified banger. The pre-chorus has Petras gently singing “time” in a way that just seems to flutter off the tongue. It is a perfect contrast to the banging and vicious chorus. In this song, Petras is no longer herself but rather a monstrous lover whose partner will not make it out alive. Her vocals on this song do not disappoint as she showcases effortless high notes and flawless runs. These impressive vocals are also featured on Turn off the Light  and Tell me it’s a Nightmare. 

Turn off the Light features a voice sample from Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark, who is a classic and familiar face of Halloween. The single also shares its name with the mixtape.  A vocal effect is placed on Petras’ vocals, making her sound like she’s coming out of a radio. It is a small- but chilling- touch. Tell me it’s a Nightmare is a slower track that tells a macabre story about Petras and her lover who unfortunately, did not listen to her. Because he did not listen, he had to pay the ultimate price. With the theme in mind you can probably guess what that entails. 

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TRANSylvania, i don't wanna die…, and Boo! Bitch!, are synth instrumentals within the mixtape. Though they do not feature vocals from Petras, the chilling synths are more than enough on these tracks. They resemble those of Scottish DJ SOPHIE’s signature beats. They are catchy and sound like they would be played in a club to put it simply. All together, these tracks come together to maintain the album’s cohesiveness. 

In the Next Life features some of Petras’ most catchy lyrics such as, “I’m the greatest, God created.” The track starts with her singing in an angelic tone. It is definitely the most theatrical as she quickly shifts from dramatic vocals to a more fast paced tone that mirrors other tracks on the mixtape. Petras told OUT Magazine that it was inspired by Freddie Mercury of Queen. This song is experimental and risky yet it was executed correctly. In this track, she is accepting the afterlife and is sure that everyone will remember her once she passes on. How much more dramatic can you get? She also includes a verse solely in German which definitely throws you off on first listen. It was a nice personal touch. This is her favorite on the mixtape so it was fitting to conclude with it. 

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This mixtape is only volume one, so it is fair to say this is not the last we will hear from Turn off the Light. The tracks on this mixtape are unlike anything Petras has done before. She was able to show the diversity of her talent and made it so fans cannot predict her next move. Though Petras’ next move is a mystery, if her work reflects any of what we heard on Turn off the Light, we are in for a treat.