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Name: Kayleigh Cannon

Year: Sophomore

Major: Pre-Communication

Hometown/country: Bangkok, Thailand

Hobbies: Tanning and binge watching way too many series

Social media platforms: Instagram - @kayleighlois

How long have you been here, and how long will you stay for?

I've been here since freshman year (although I did go back to Thailand over summer), and I plan to stay in California until at least the end of college, but maybe far beyond-- who knows right?

Why did you decide to come to UCSB?

I pretty much only applied to UCs, and UCSB is obviously the most amazing school ever in the most beautiful place on Earth so it was an obvious choice.

What’s your favorite thing about UCSB/Santa Barbara?

Probably just the atmosphere and the people here. The entire year I've been here I havent met one bad apple, and that's pretty special. Also, being right next to the beach and having sunny weather everyday is pretty special.

What are biggest cultural differences you’ve noticed between the US and Bangkok?

I feel like Santa Barbara is just an extremely laid back place. Everyone moves a little slower, cares a little less, and people are just a little nicer in general. It's kind of hard to compare to Bangkok because they're almost complete opposites. Bangkok is always upbeat and full of life, but also much more hectic and busy. The biggest cultural difference I noticed is a pretty silly one, but everyone here makes small talk with you! Like the person checking me out at the grocery store will just casually ask me how my day is going, or the waiter will keep asking how the meal is going. Everyone is so friendly, and I found it so weird when I first got here. I'm used to just minding my own business and moving on with my day, so it's different when people seem to actually care.

What’s your favorite food here? What food from your hometown would you suggest Gauchos try?

Berries! Berries don't grow in Thailand because it's just too hot, so having berries is a big deal for me. And I feel like all thai food is amazing, but one thing people should definitely try is somtum (papaya salad). It's sooooo good! 

Favorite spot you've discovered?

Can I just say the beach in general? But if I had to choose one spot, it would be this little patch on the beach near Campus Point where I spent like the majority of my time in between classes all last year. 

Best memory here so far?

I feel like my whole experience has been amazing, but some of my best memories are getting to show people around Santa Barbara when they visit and seeing how much they love it too is pretty amazing.

Have you picked up any American mannerisms?

My dad's American so I've always had the accent. Maybe I sound a bit more American now that I spend most of my time here? Probably not, but maybe...

What’s on your SB bucket list before you go back home?

I definitely want to get around more. IV and campus are great, but I want to make sure I get out and explore everything else too.

Why do you think other international students should come study here?

Firstly because it's insanely beautiful, and we literally have our own beach as a backyard, but also because it's an amazing school, and you'll be getting a top notch education and meet some amazing people.

Any last words?

Dont take your time here for granted! I feel like lots of people from California are so used to the amazing whether and sunny beaches that they forget how lucky they are. Definitely don't take it for granted!

Hi, Collegiettes! I'm Carmen, a Communication major at University of California, Santa Barbara and one of two Campus Correspondents for UCSB. I would love to one day work in either fashion, food, tech, financial services or philanthropy. My dream is to find a job that somehow combines several of those elements. Until I get there, I'll be munching on copious amounts of Trader Joe's dried mango, jamming out to my man, Frank Sinatra, and focusing on creating intriguing content! If you like my writing, talk to me. ;) 
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