Joe Biden Is Not The Answer

Since the start of 2019, there has been a great deal of presidential candidates who have officially announced their run for the 2020 election race. In fact, the majority of the announcements have come from hopeful democrat candidates, such as Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Julian Castro, and Beto O’ Rourke. All candidates have dedicated their opening speeches to dealing with many of the country’s current issues like racial justice, criminal reform, gender equity, immigration rights and much more. Most recently– and perhaps most shockingly– to join the presidential race is our former vice president himself, Joe Biden.

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Biden’s official announcement came as a shocker for many, but not all individuals who predicted that the former VP would make another attempt at the oval office. Ever since Obama’s time serving as the President of the United States, Biden has gained a reputation for not only being Obama’s closest confidant, but also for being a relatively “good guy” that has helped make the “Uncle Joe” persona become a popular figure on the left. In fact, according to recent data found by The Economist, polls have quickly proclaimed him the preferred candidate for the forthcoming Democratic presidential ticket. According to the most recent poll, data conducted and published by IPSOS Public Affairs found that 29% of Democrats and independents claimed they would vote for Biden in the state nominating contests that will begin next year. Perhaps what was most interesting about the found data was the fact that Biden maintained a lead amongst all of the major demographic groups except millennials, who predominantly favored U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders over Biden 18% to 16%.

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Biden’s poor approval rate with millenials is a result of recent sexual misconduct allegations made against him by a handful of women. For the past few months women have come public to talk about their personal interactions with the former VP, alleging that he physically touched or approached them in uncomfortable and offensive ways. The number of allegations came forth after rumors of Biden’s potential race for the 2020 presidency began. Fearing that people would fall under the good “Uncle Joe” persona he was celebrated and known for, Lucy Flores, a former Nevada lieutenant governor nominee, penned an open letter published on The Cut, where she discusses her past experience with Biden, who inappropriately invaded Ms. Flores personal space, smelled her hair, and kissed her in the back of the head during a campaign event in 2014. Days after Flores published her letter, six more women came forward with their own stories of creepy Joe’s inappropriate behavior throughout the past decade.

After the allegations, Biden went on daytime television to publicly apologize to all the women he offended and behaved inappropriately towards. What became abundantly clear after his public apology however was the lack of a genuine apology. Biden apologized but claimed, “I’m not sorry in the sense that I think I did anything that was intentionally designed to do anything wrong or be inappropriate.” This form of apology is ultimately degrading of a genuine “I’m sorry” and instead goes on to acknowledge that “social norms are changing,” which only further indicated that he doesn’t fully understand why Flores and the other women felt disrespected by his behavior.

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Aside from the fact that electing and supporting a political figure who has unfortunately committed thoughtless and inappropriate behavior would be an overall bad idea, we must note that Biden’s ran for the presidency a number of times and each time he has majorly struggled under the intense race. He has always been unable to generate the level of support that is necessary in order to advance and win the election. It is also necessary to mention that our current social and political climate has urged for a major change from the ordinary white male presidency. The people want genuine change, and most importantly they want a strong competitor that will be willing and successful in ending the dreaded Trump era.