Job App Timeline for Seniors

Any seniors out there?

With less than a year until we have to say goodbye to college life and hello to adult reality, there can be a lot of questions about when to start the infamous job hunt. Most of us have the goal of getting a job right after graduation, start paying off those loans, move in to an apartment, and start being a fully independent woman. Well, if this sounds like your plan, here is your guide to creating a timeline to land your dream job by the time of graduation!

September to November

Research the typical job application process for your prospective industry and get to know when companies open their applications for full time jobs. Start finding out what types of jobs and work environments would work best for you and your career goals. When you give yourself plenty of time to job search, it makes you more prepared, less scared, and more likely to land the job in the long run.

December to March

Networking! This is when you start using the people around you and the connections you have made for your own benefit. Work on your LinkedIn page, use your school’s career center and ask your professors if he or she can connect you to other colleagues or opportunities available. Universities have a lot of resources that you, as a paying student, have access to, so use it! These employees are being paid to help you realize your full potential, don't waste these great resources. Get interview ready! The career center has tools to help you make a good first impression and help you with your interviewing skills. Update your resume and cover letter. Make sure your words are clear and make you look as attractive as possible towards employers.

April to May

Finally, after the research and preparation, perfecting your resume, and becoming confident in interviews, you are finally ready start applying and putting yourself out there. Apply to as many jobs as you can. You can’t over apply, so keep as many options open as you can to give yourself the best odds of gaining the right job for you. Important tip: You can negotiate your salary even as an entry level employee. Know your worth!

After going through 4 years of college and internships you deserve to end on a high note by having that job secured when you graduate. Remember that every person's timeline will look different from the other. Keep your confidence high! Even though you may get rejected along the way, rejection is just another word for redirection to bring you to where you truly belong. Good luck!

Image via @brookelark