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Jackson Doty: Barista by Day, Trilingual Musician by Night

An eclectic man of many talents, this week’s UCSB campus cutie Jackson Doty can whisper sweet nothings to you in three languages.

Name: Jackson Doty

Year: Junior

Major: Linguistics with a Spanish focus

Her Campus (HC): Let’s start with a very original question: What would be your ideal first date?

Jackson Doty (JD): I think for a first date it’s important to see if I am going to get along with a girl, so conversation over coffee or tea is a good place to start. After that it’s nice to just walk around and people watch. Basically, if I’m able to sit, drink coffee and walk around town with you, it’s a good indicator that we’re going to get along. A lot of conversation happens during all of that and it doesn’t take long to find out whether you click with someone or not.

HC: What do you notice first about girls?

JD: Hair, smile and then clothes.

HC: So you are a musician. How would you describe your style of music? What is your favorite genre?

JD: The music that I play isn’t really what I like to listen to, since the music I usually listen to is stuff like Aphex Twin and Wu Tang Clan. My band, “Hail, Adventurer!” is kind of a weird mix between British Isles folk music, Nick Drake and Pixies. It’s all acoustic, and the first album that I wrote had some punk influence but I don’t play that style of music very often anymore.

HC: How many languages can you speak?

JD: I speak Spanish and French at a conversational level, but I haven’t used my French in months aside from brief conversations, so my Spanish is way better now.

HC: What is your favorite language?

JD: French is such a great sounding language, but I would have to say that Spanish is my favorite simply because I think that rolling my “R”s is extremely entertaining.

HC: What other languages would you like to know?

JD: I am going to Japan this summer and am going to take the Intensive Language Program in Osaka. My major requires that I study a language that isn’t Latin based, and I have always thought that it would be amazing to learn a language that isn’t’ associated with Western thought. After that I would love to learn Portuguese and Italian.

HC: As a barista at Coffee Collaborative, you are very familiar with coffee. If you were an espresso drink, what would you be?

JD: Well, every analogy I come up with is more ridiculous than the last. But I guess I would be a Mexican mocha. Because I’m not Latin American at all but some people think I am.

HC: What is the most exciting memory you have from the past year?

JD: I went canyoning in France with my 12 year old brother this Summer, and we had to do some intense rock climbing, diving and swimming. He really dug it and neither of us had ever done anything like that before. Going on adventures like that with your little sibling is just plain awesome.

HC: What are your plans after school?

JD: Once I graduate I hope to join the Peace Corps and teach English somewhere in Central/South America, preferably Colombia.

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