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Everyone who lives in IV knows there is an abundance of pizza places within a block from each other.  There are so many great options, how will we ever choose which to go to?!  Each place has something special and unique of its own, so you can choose which pizza place to go to depending on the occasion!

Pizza My Heart

Pizza My Heart has huge slices of pizza for decently cheap prices!  It’s also a great deal when you buy a slice and a t-shirt (only five dollars!).  This pizza place is also great for watching sports.  It’s always packed during big events, like the World Series and the NBA finals.  They’ve also got great beer on tap for reasonable prices.  With a big game on the TV, delicious pizza and beer, it’s a party! 


For all you picky eaters out there, Blaze is for you!  But it’s also great if you aren’t picky, or just like creative pizzas.  Blaze offers menu pizzas, but their create-your-own is far more popular.  You can choose your crust (regular or gluten free), your sauce, cheese, and toppings.  They even offer vegan cheese (lactose intolerants rejoice!).  Their oregano and salt topping adds a delicious flavor.  Also, their delicious lemonade goes great with your pizza!


If you’re a beer lover, you have to be at Woodstocks on Wednesday nights.  Woodstocks has pint night every week.  They rotate which breweries will come to the restaurant, offering different selections of beer each week.  They also sell the glasses with the beer from the visiting brewery, and have discounted refills!  They also have delicious, regular and unique pizza.  They even have a Sriracha pizza!  If you’re not in the mood for pizza, they have delicious salads, too.   


Domino’s is great for large groups of people, especially if you want it delivered.  It’s also perfect for those late night cravings; they’re open until 2am!  It’s also easy to get deals for Domino’s on websites like IVmenus.com.  You can also pick and choose toppings and sauce here, and their cheesy bread is to die for. 


Similar to Woodstocks, Gio’s has its own beer night.  But here, it’s pitcher night on Thursdays.  You can get a pitcher of Budlight or Budweiser for only six dollars.  They play great oldies that everyone loves to belt out after a few pitchers.  They’ve also got great, huge slices of pizza.  It’s a great place to meet up with friends for some pizza and brews on their nice outdoor patio! 

Now go grab a slice! 

Siobhán is a fourth year English major at UCSB. She is originally from the Bay Area and still misses hearing "hella" on the daily. She loves the ocean, photography/ film, music, and good eats (especially burritos). In her free time, she likes to obsessively watch Netflix, watch the sunset, and experiment with new recipes in the kitchen! You can see what she is up to on her instagram @swetzelll.
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