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Valentine’s Day not shaping up to your expectations? Anna Marie Tendler (and her hilarious content) can help!

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Whether you are dealing with heartbreak, loneliness, or just plain boredom this Valentine’s Day, we could all use someone who just gets it—a friend who can be there to listen, understand, and distract us from our woes. That friend that we all desperately need as this polarizing holiday approaches is Anna Marie Tendler. 

If you haven’t had the joy of knowing who Anna Marie Tendler is, you may have heard of her as the ex-wife of a pretty famous comedian, John Mulaney—but enough about him. After enduring a public divorce and months of publicized relationship turmoil, Tendler turned to TikTok as a creative outlet to cheer herself up, garnering an audience (and newfound fan base) of her own. No stranger to heartbreak, Tendler, multidisciplinary-artist-turned-social-media-personality, has used her art and creative spirit to develop a space for her own cathartic expression and quirky comedic content. On her platform, she posts her favorite “life hacks,” her hobbies, and (my personal favorite) videos of her precious bulldog, Petunia. 

Now with more than 230,000 followers on TikTok, Tendler’s media presence has brought her talent and magnetic personality into the spotlight where they belong. Her warm spirit welcomes all viewers to relax with her, take it day by day, and appreciate the little things—all with an underlying sarcastic kick that helps us not to take ourselves too seriously. With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching and love abuzz in the air, those of us who need a break from Cupid can find refuge with Tendler. 

She has plenty of ideas for you to fill up your V-Day with fun! Starting with a weekend guide to productivity, an easy meal that’s sure to please, and fun with your bestie, Tendler has you covered for a successful Valentine’s Day. 

If you need a guide for a productive day to distract you, use her “guide for weekend success”— by the end, she’s “off to the races!” 

If you need an easy, delicious meal that you can prepare for yourself or for your special Galentines, here’s Anna’s guide to a simple crowd-pleaser!

Lastly, here’s Anna’s suggestions for just chilling, or going out with your best friend. These are especially useful if you’re in need of a smile! 

With these ideas in mind, remember that all that matters this Valentine’s Day is that you make sure you feel loved by yourself. Tendler’s comforting presence and ideas for activities remind us that it’s okay to not be OK, that there is empowerment in being alone, and that there is a quiet strength in repairing your relationship with yourself through small yet impactful acts of self-care.

Within the quiet solidarity of loneliness, Tendler shows us that we, too, can find strength. We don’t need elaborate parties, expensive dinners, or huge friend groups. Just express love to yourself in any way you want—through cooking, making TikToks, or just being kind to yourself. Because, at the end of the day, if you just need to eat all the cinnamon rolls by yourself and watch The Real Housewives, eat cereal on the floor, or hang out with your dog this Valentine’s Day (or any day), Anna gets it—and she gets you. 

Anna, we love you, and we are rooting for you—and Petunia!

Eva Grunburg is a first-year Pre-Communication major at UC Santa Barbara.
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