I Watched Jane the Virgin Episode One Season 4 and Here Are My Thoughts

News flash (and spoilers ahead)! Jane the Virgin season four came to Netflix on April 27th. I was anticipating 3% season two when I opened Netflix and noticed Jane the Virgin was also back, which definitely made my my week.

I have to say, Jane has changed and I like it. Is it the tale of time, or is there some new aspect of her life that has made her… let loose? Whatever it is, this new Jane that nods to the energy of Gina Rodriguez herself is a natural, and adorable succession.

Image via Variety

We have all had that adolescent boyfriend that our families just couldn’t stand. It is comforting to know our Jane had a similar (and folly) first love. Similarly, it was touching when her family was there to catch her fall after her first heartbreak. #VillanuevaWomen

Was it just me, or was Adam’s personal Latina narrator a bit upsetting? Where was our narrator? Why did the episode open up so similarly to Jane’s? I felt taken aback until I realized that maybe this Adam guy was a big part of Jane’s formative years and was just one person who has made her the Jane she is today. Maybe they both had an influence on each other. Not to mention Adam wrote her LOVE THEME which alluded to this lasting impression he had on Jane. We all have both sad and fond memories of our first love.

Image via Variety

Not to ruin the mood, but I don’t see Adam being with Jane. He is a puppy kind of boyfriend—always happy to see you, heartwarmingly adorable, but pretty bland. Will he stick around long enough to provide us with a layer of depth to add to his endearing face?

Despite my mixed feelings of the first episode, I am really looking forward for what lies in store for season four. I can’t wait to learn more about how Jane and five-year-old Mateo have changed. How are Xo and Ro faring the married life?

Now to pressure my roommate into watching as many episodes as possible and escape the midterm grind… as Jane’s magical Miami has that effect on us.