I Tried FreeB!rds for the First Time...

For the past two quarters I have been here at UCSB, I went without trying the famous Freebirds! One night when I was out with a group of friends I decided to go try it out and see what all the fuss was about. As I was waiting in line to order, I was contemplating on what to get. Should I get the nachos? Or was I in the mood for a burrito? I ended up getting a shredded beef burrito and, I am going to be honest, it was actually really good! Although I heard the nachos is where the hype is at, I still enjoyed my first burrito very much.

A little bit about this famous UCSB establishment, Freebirds has a Chipotle- and Subway-style of serving food. You walk in, wait in line, and as you approach the first server, they ask you for your order. When ordering a burrito, as I did, they have a variety of tortillas you can choose from depending on what you prefer. After choosing your choice of wrap, you move onto the rice and bean selection where you can choose from two different types of rice and three different types of beans. As you continue to move down the line of ingredients, you are next asked if you would like cheese and the meat of your choice. Freebirds also has veggie options for anyone who prefers to not eat meat. (And side note, if you choose the veggie option, you get free guacuamole...that's a yes for me!) The last part of the processes is choosing any condiments you would like inside or on the side of your meal.

Image via The Dail Meal 

So in the end, I would highly recommend Freebirds, especially if you have not tried it yet. The food is very tasty and although the menu isn't widespread, there is something for everyone, unless you're not a fan of Mexican food. Not to mention that the service is fast and the best part is that you are watching what goes into your food and how it is being made. I find it easier when food places have this type of service because if you are a picky eater like myself, you can easily just choose what you want or don't want. Which takes away the worry of receiving a wrong order, and let's me honest, we all despise the annoyance of receiving our order wrong after patiently waiting to eat it. However, besides the food being so tasty the customer service given by the local employees was very friendly and welcoming making it an overall 10/10 experience!