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I Didn’t Shop for 30 Days and This is What I Learned

The last thing I bought was a pair of pants from Anthropologie on January 8th. It has been 30 days since then, and I have not bought any other article of clothing.

Making the decision to not buy any clothing, shoes, or accessories for one month was not something I had planned, but rather something I fell into it. A few days after I bought those pair of pants I wondered how long I could go without buying anything else. God knows I definitely didn’t need more clothes in my closet, and I was actively trying to save money and rebuild my savings after spending a large chunk of it studying abroad. I will preface this by saying that I would not consider myself addicted to shopping, but rather it was just something I would and could do on a somewhat regular basis.

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It seemed like an easy task, it was only 30 days.

About a week after buying the pants, I moved back up to school and was so excited to be reunited with my friends. But, being reunited with my friends also meant that we would all probably head to downtown Santa Barbara to shop together. This did happen, but I opted out of going. Luckily I didn’t feel well so this made the decision easier, but it was definitely a little difficult when they got back and showed off all their new goodies.

A week after that, my roommate decided to fill up her cart with Urban Outfitters and Free People, and happily get package after package delivered to our door. That began to tempt me to start looking online and mentally filling my basket with things I definitely didn’t need, and things that I probably didn’t even really love. I, of course, didn’t buy anything as I was determined to finish my 30 days, but that was the first real time I felt tempted.

And now, my 30 days is up, and I actually don’t really have the desire to go out and buy anything. I don’t need any new clothing or shoes or jewelry, and have actually been wearing the majority of my closet, which I used to never do.

I don’t plan on buying anything anytime soon, but I also am not going to restrict myself. If I see something I love and can afford I’ll get it, but I am in no rush to go out and browse the racks or click page after page online.

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Who knows, maybe I can make it another 30 days, or maybe right after I’m done typing this I’ll be filling in my credit card number online to purchase a new pair of shoes.

I don’t need to fill the void of boredom or stress with the fast gratification of shopping anymore, instead I have learned to be a smarter consumer, and I’ve learned to be happy with what I already have in my closet. 

Lily is a senior at UC Santa Barbara studying Communication and Education. She loves making lists, minimalism, public media, and breakfast foods. Her planner is her best friend.
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