I am Allergic to Alcohol

“Hi, my name is Jasmine Palmerin. I am a second year English and Sociology major. Fun fact, I am allergic to alcohol.” Gasps. “Oh my gosh! Do you even party?” “I am so sorry” “What happens? “When did you find out?” In which I just smile and say “I lack the enzyme that breaks down the alcohol, so not only do I turn red but my lungs close.”

image via no alcohol

Well, collegiates, to answer some of the questions, yes I still attend parties but I’ll admit it is weird being the sober one at every party. Thus, I rarely attend and I mainly attend socials. My college life does not differ than yours. I can still be around alcohol, I just can’t consume it.

My mom’s side of the family all lack the enzyme, so that is part of the reason as to how I found out that I am allergic. I usually tell people who I party with that I cannot drink out of precaution.

I don't see my allergic reaction to alcohol as a negative but a positive, mainly because I use it a fun fact.


image via No Alcohol