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By week 5 and 6 there can be a little bit of a lull in emotions when tackling school work and even just going about your day. The excitement and “fresh start” feelings of the first few weeks of school have slowly faded away and things are seeming like more of a task. Although there isn’t one answer to cure these melancholic feelings, there are a few ways that I have found to help me integrate a little more excitement throughout my days.

The first being finding time to be in nature! While it is already October and nearing November, we are lucky enough to get sun most days here in beautiful Isla Vista. So, going out for even just 10 minutes and soaking in Vitamin D at the beach or even on a bench on campus can give you the boost that you need for the rest of the day. 

Another thing that I have found to be helpful to give me a serotonin boost is calling or Facetiming a friend from home. By the middle of the quarter it’s easy to feel homesick and talking to someone that reminds you of where your roots are can help you feel grounded. For me, familiarity is a feeling that I often crave and talking to an old friend is just that. 

I have also found that giving yourself space and time to debrief after a long busy day can help regulate your body and mind. By this point in the quarter, it feels like there are a million things you have already done and a million things you still have to do. Giving yourself permission to feel all of the emotions of your day or week can prove to be very lethargic. This can be done by listening to a song you really like, writing in a journal, or even meditating.

Although assignments and tests aren’t stopping anytime soon, it’s important to stick a little bit of self care within your days and to constantly remind yourself that you are doing it, which is all we can ask of ourselves!

Hi! I'm Sarah and I'm on the editorial team at UCSB! I'm a third year majoring in Sociology and minoring in Applied Psychology. I'm from Northern California near Sacramento! In the future I plan on becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist. I currently work at the UCSB Childcare Center as a teacher's assistant which I have absolutely been loving! When I'm not working or in class, I enjoy going to the beach, studying in coffee shops, and listening to Taylor Swift.
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