How to Recover After a Long Week

So, midterms are over, Halloween weekend is over, and the week is coming to an end...

Often, we all get so caught up in the busyness of our lives and end up crashing, instead of treating ourselves to some simple, much needed recovery that will make us feel way more grounded again.

Here are some easy ways that you can recover from a long week:


Face Masks

Not only will you feel like you're pampering yourself, but your skin will also thank you for it and the smell will most likely calm you down. I recommend The Body Shop's "Tea Tree Oil Face Mask" but of course there are infinite options out there suited to your preferences.



It might sound counterintuitive to go out and exercise when you're tired from a long week, but exercise takes many forms; an easy run, a walk along the beach, a bike ride...Us UCSB students are so privilaged to live on the beach, so let's take advantage of it! Spend time outside and move in whatever way is comfortable for you. Any form of exercise is so important when it comes to feeling centered again and well in your body since it relieves stress, loosens up your body,  gets the endorphins going, and gives you time to spend with yourself.



Finally taking care of the laundry that's been sitting there, or making your bed, or organizing your desk...Any form of cleaning up will better your surroundings and thus make you feel better. It can be soothing to get simple tasks done and it's relieving to see the end results.


Hair Treatment

When we're stressed, our hair often takes a hit. It can get drier, fall out, or just feel gross due to not being treated. Go get a hair cut, or simply do some hair treatment such as putting coconut oil in your hair and then washing it out, putting a hair mask on, or look here to see some hair treatments that you can make yourself.



Even if you're not into the idea of meditation in which you sit for a period of time breathing deeply, you can meditate in several ways; lying down and listening to music is a form of meditation, sitting on the beach watching the waves can be your way of meditation, or even taking a peaceful, long walk. Do whatever allows you to take a break from the world, be back in tune with yourself, and recharge.


Have a good recovery. Namaste!