How Music Shapes You as a Person

Music is a defining part of lives. Listening to music has so many benefits that we need to utilize. Along with calming elements from music, there are other nostalgic ones. Music shapes you as a person and this is how it does exactly that. 

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Music brings people together. Music taste is so important; there is a reason why its one of the most asked questions you ask when you first meet someone. When you find people with similar musical interests you are able to share a love together. Different fans interpret songs and lyrics in many ways so it is important to make friends who you can have this discussion with. When it comes to waiting in lines for concerts, from one hour to 20 hours of waiting, you’ll probably start talking to at least one other person. It is inevitable! Waiting in line for concerts is a real bonding experience. The friends you through concerts are so unique because they are people that you can freak out over new singles with excluding any ounce of judgment. Friendships create memories. 

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Timeline Through Your Life 

At different parts of your life, you definitely listened to different types of music. Elementary school was consumed with The Cheetah Girls, Hannah Montana, The Jonas Brothers, and Demi Lovato. Jr. High was filled with Justin Bieber, Tyler the Creator, and many other rappers. High school was the time where we convinced ourselves that we were into some “underground” bands. Every music phase you’ve enjoyed have made up the music taste you have today. There may be phases that you’re not that proud of, but there is no reason to be embarrassed by it. Because of these phases, whenever a throwback song from these eras comes on it brings on a feeling of nostalgia. Most of the time it is good, but unfortunately, it can also be bad. However, those moments can be transformed into a good moment once we realized we have grown and got through it. Music taste doesn’t have to be serious! 

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As you grow older, your music taste changes. Life alters us as we experience different things. In a sense, our music taste matures with us. Building off of my last point, our past music interests lead us to what we listen to now. Some experiences that we have in life can help us understand songs in a different light. Maybe you have a bad breakup and you now understand the hurt in breakup songs. Another example has to do with loss. It is possible that you have not dealt with loss and when a song involves loss it may be hard to connect with if you haven’t dealt with it first hand. At one point or another, you can relate to a song. There are some songs we hope to not relate with such as cheating. As we mature, there are more opportunities for us to experience new things. Artists try to connect with their listeners and make content that they could possibly relate with. It creates the idea that you are not alone which is very comforting. Music is influential in our lives and it will be a part of our lives until the end of time.