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How to Master the Bold Brows Trend

There are many ways to make a girls day, indulging in a mountain sized bowl of frozen yogurt, being my personal favorite – but being complimented on my eyebrows is not far behind. It has been a long time coming mastering the techniques needed to hop on the bold brow bandwagon. You know what I’m talking about, the perfectly arched, slightly bushy, natural but full, shaped but not fake brows everyone has been obsessed with. Throughout my very trying process of trial and error there are a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way, that have helped my brows flourish in ways I didn’t know possible. First we must acknowledge, most of us weren’t blessed with Zendaya’s full, fully perfect eyebrows – we see you girl, keep doin’ you.


Unfortunately, for us, the bold brow trend is in, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, anytime soon. So, we have to work with what we’ve been given. We’re all kicking our seventh grade selves for plucking us into Christina Aguilera circa 1990 territory, but all hope is not lost. With the brow trend comes an infinite number of products to fill in the sparse spots while we wait patiently and pray for our hair to grow back.

From pomades, to powders, and everything in between, there is undoubtedly a product out there for you. Finding it, on the other hand, is another story. Navigating your way through countless products that claim to give you perfect brows in one quick swoop, can be a bit daunting. So, tip number one, figure out what you need/want in your brow product. This means looking at your brows and assessing what you like and don’t like. I for one, have a decent shape to my brow, with sparse areas in between, so I’ve found that a brow pencil is what works best for me. If you’re more of a deeply defined kind of girl, look into brow pomades, they work wonders for getting that perfectly sculpted look, but do so with caution. Pomades are not for the weak hearted, they are difficult to get the hang of, my advice- work with a light hand, you can always add more, but trying to “erase” your mistakes when working with such a heavy product can easily turn sculpted brows into scary ones.

Okay, so now that you’ve got the right products, what’s next? Find the right brow shape for your face. This may seem like an obvious one but I assure you, it is by far the most important. As trends come and go, it is crucial to realize they’re not for everyone. Take Audrey Hepburn for example, she was a pioneer in the evolution of eyebrows, a true visionary rocking those thick bold brows. Now, imagine her with undefined, thin, stick figure like lines where her signature feature normally is. Not her best look, right? Just because bold brows are in, doesn’t mean it’s universally flattering. When picking your ideal brow shape, look at the shape of your natural brows, are they relatively straight? Or do they have a defined arch? Now, when filling in your brows, my advice is, make them look like your brows, but better. So if your natural shape is a slight arch, go with it. Chances are the shape they are naturally, is what will suit your face best.

Next, we must address the elephant in the room. Eyebrow Grooming. We’ve all found comfort in the mantra, “your brows are sisters, not twins,” meaning our eyebrows don’t need to be identical to look good. Now, most of us aim for them to look symmetrical but, common’ some days we’re running late and we don’t have time to fuss over the perfect arch and our brows aren’t even going to look related let alone like sisters. So what does this mean for plucking? I want perfect brows, I NEED to pluck them, right? Wrong. We’ve all been there, staring at our reflection in a magnifying mirror with an unfortunate pair of tweezers in hand, yanking away at any hair that seems out of place. It becomes the vicious cycle of “OH SHOOT, the right side is thinner now, let me fix the left,” but before you know it you’re left with nothing but the fond memory of what used to be your bushy brows. Before you get yourself into a tweezer tizzy, take a deep breath, I’m not saying NEVER pluck, I’m saying be careful if you do. If you’re uncomfortable shaping your own brows, leave it to the professionals. Tip number three, is for those of you who dare venture into eyebrow grooming. Step one: fill in your brows first. Get them as dark and defined as you possibly can and only pluck the hairs that fall outside of your desired shape. Then, of course, feel free to wipe away what’s left of the brow product to see the completed look. I’m telling you, this trick will save you several precious brow hairs.

After watching hours of beauty gurus’ eyebrow “how to’s,” I’ve noticed they all finish up with the same two steps. Concealer and Brow Gel. Let me tell you, these products, when used correctly, will change your life. After filling in your desired eyebrow shape, cleaning around the edges with a concealer, takes your brow game to a whole new level. On a flat, small, angled brush, take a dab of concealer and carefully form a line underneath your brow bone and right above it. This technique truly does all the hard work of making them look even, for you. It’ll emphasize the shape without making them look fake.Then, to finish off the look, grab a bottle of brow gel (I recommend a clear one, like the one by Anastasia Beverly Hills) and lightly sweep your brows upward. This will get them looking A1. Making them them as full and feathery, as they can possibly be.

Finally, tip number five. Practice makes perfect. Honing in your skills, is all about practicing. You’re brows are only going to look as good as the products and techniques that create them, so understanding perfection takes time, is key. Try out different products, shapes, styles, and find what you like best. Makeup is all about personal preference, so if you love a natural brow, rock it, if you wanna perfectly sculpted insta brow, do it. Do what you’re most comfortable and confident with. Forget all the makeup “do’s and don’ts,” and just do you.

All images via [Instagram] (all brows created by Kelley Baker Brows)


Takara is a third year student at UCSB, she is a Communication major, hoping to pursue a career in PR, advertising, or journalism. She is a fashion, beauty and skin care fanatic. Youtube make up tutorials and Netlflix are her guilty pleasures. You can find her on Instagram: @takarahepburn
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