How to Have a Productive Spring Break

If you are at a school on the semester system, Spring Break has come and gone, but if you are a quarter system kid you are eagerly counting down the days until your last final. With Spring Break finally in sight, that means Spring Break plans have been discussed every single day. Some may be doing the classic trip to Cabo, some may be working the whole time, and others may be going home with not one single plan made on purpose. For those who are staying home, it can be a great time to catch up on sleep and hang out with family, but it is also a great time to be productive and get your life together. Here are some tips and tricks to have a productive but still enjoyable Spring Break!

1. Clean your room at home

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A great time to get rid of the junk in your room you never use but pretend you do. Same goes for your closet- there is a good chance that if you didn’t bring it school with you, you probably don’t really love it. Reevaluate all of the things, and get a head start on spring cleaning!

2. Read a book

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Head over to your local library, bookstore, or even a book you already have sitting at home, and get reading. Remember what it feels like to read for fun.

3. Get materials you will need for Spring quarter

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You can hold off on buying textbooks until you will officially know if you need them, but for now, you can stock up on notebooks, highlighters, flashcards, and whatever other school supplies you may have run out of it or need to buy.

4. Start an exercise routine

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With all your newfound free time, you will finally have time to fit in some exercise. Take the time to find a routine that you love, and one that you will be able to stick with once classes start up again!  

5. Work on applying for summer internships

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Without the stress of homework or finals, this is the perfect time to perfect your resume and cover letter and send out as many applications as possible for summer.

6. Wake up at a reasonable hour

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Don’t sleep the day away, you will definitely regret it once Spring Break is over. Find a time to wake up that works for you, and be consistent with it. This could be 8 AM or 10:30 AM, whatever works best for your schedule, just don’t let it get too close to noon!