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How To Get Your Old Flame Back

Have you ever broken up with by the person you thought was the one? And now for some odd reason you can’t stop thinking about them, and you realize how much you love them and wish they were back with you. Some would say “don’t go back to the old” and “try to find someone new and get a fresh start”, but I believe in regrets and having a person that always stand out in your head who becomes a what-if. There are ways in which you could entice the person again and maybe make them love you back, which will help you to see if you really desire them as much as you thought you did. Follow these easy steps and your significant other will be missing you just as much. You may just have a chance at wooing them once again, making them remember why you two fell in love to begin with.

  1. Create distance and space: For thirty days at least, you should not contact your ex. If they contact you, do not respond. Distance may sound crazy, but it will help you reevaluate why you two broke-up and help you decide if you even want to go back. Don’t go rushing into things all over again like you did before. Use this time wisely and be diligent. If after two months there is no connection made on either parts, then maybe the fates are signaling that it’s truly over.
  2. Work on yourself: During the distancing period, you should be getting to all the things you said you’d do, but never did. Go hiking, to a bar, get that crazy color you liked but he didn’t, and find you without your significant other.
  3. Date: Start dating or at least go on a date. You have to see what’s out there before you go back to crawling under a rock.
  4. Reconnect: After you have taken some time to yourself, and the 30-day period has expired, reach out to the ex and see where they are at. If there is  conversation and the sparks still seem to be alive, then maybe there’s still hope.

The key is remembering that this is not the end of the road for your love-journey, and it’s all a learning experience. 

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My name is Lexxus Edison, my most used nickname is Lexi. I am currently a junior at UCSB and I major in English. I am interested in writing and reading which is pretty bland to some considering I spend countless hours doing just that in my major.
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