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How Apps are Changing the Way College Girls Buy and Sell Clothes

Let’s face it, college is expensive. Between tuition payments, rent, food, and transportation costs, there is little money left over to be devoted towards purchasing new clothes every season. As they do, college girls have adapted and used technology as a means to finding new clothes on the cheap while occasionally earning some extra income on the side from unwanted pieces.

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Poshmark is a tried-and-true favorite app of mine. The app allows buyers to list their items on a very user-friendly platform while sellers are able to search for pieces under keywords. It is worth noting that Poshmark takes commission on all sales ($2.95 for sales under $15 or 20% for more expensive purchases). Additionally, the buyer generally pays $6.49 for priority flat rate shipping, which can be reflected in the increased price for the buyer.


Like Poshmark, Depop is another great platform for buyers and sellers to make clothing transactions. The site itself is fun and easy-to-navigate, while the listed clothing is always reasonably priced and in good condition. Depop also offers a full refund for all sales made in-app, which is great to avoid getting caught up in a scam.


No, Facebook isn’t just a site to get criticized by your weird, cranky aunt. Facebook is still a great marketplace platform. I encourage everyone to look into joining a Facebook marketplace group at your college or university. Apart from just purchasing and selling clothes, it is also a great place to pawn off unneeded textbooks and old furniture. Another added bonus of using Facebook as a means to buy and sell is that there is no commission fees or shipping costs.

Whatever means you choose, college is an opportunity to be both smart and savvy with your money and belongings. Whether you choose to monetize your closet or add to it, doing so with the right platform can save you money and unnecessary frustration.

Megan Stafford is a second-year undeclared science major at Pitt. When she is not studying, Megan enjoys traveling, visiting art galleries, and trying new coffee shops.
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