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Holiday Playlists You Need to be Listening To

The holidays are quickly approaching, and whether you’re stressed over finals or stressed over planning out holiday gatherings or deciding what present to get for who, there’s nothing like the perfect holiday playlist to get you in the Christmas mood!

Christmas & Chill – Ariana Grande

Ariana actually released this album in 2015, but it’s been resurfacing on Twitter for re-entering iTunes top 40 list. She even tweeted that Christmas & Chill is her favorite piece of work that she's created, and that she's so glad it's resurfacing for this season's holidays.

My favorite on the playlist: "Wit It This Christmas."

Check out the playlist here!

Michael Bublé’s Christmas Album

With a voice that sounds like Canadian velvet, Michael Bublé never fails to put me in a Christmas-y mood. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Michael Bublé.

My favorite on the playlist: "Winter Wonderland."

Check out the playlist here!

Frank Sinatra’s Christmas Playlist

There’s no better combination than jazz and Christmas tunes, and Frank Sinatra delivers just that. With some good classics, this playlist sends my fingers snapping and my toes tapping every time.

My favorite on the playlist: "Baby, it's Cold Outside"

Playlist link here!


Boy oh boy, this playlist sends goosebumps all over my body. These five beautiful voices will never fail to give you the chills.

My favorite on the playlist: "Mary, Did you Know?"

Check out the playlist  here!

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Who else remembers watching this movie for Christmas parties every year in school? The reason I love this playlist so much is the nostalgia that it brings. I’m teleported back to Christmas parties in elementary school with frosted cookies, Christmas sweaters, powered hot chocolate and candy cane kisses.

My favorite on the playlist: "Linus and Lucy."

Check out the playlist here!

Christmas, but make it Trap

This one’s a little different. It’s still Christmas, but with a twist. This is perfect for the Christmas parties that need a little extra kick in them.

Check out the playlist here!

With this variety of playlists, I hope memories of nostalgic Christmas mornings come back to you, and that your gatherings with your loved ones are a little warmer. Happy holidays!

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Chloe is a second year Communication major who's loving her time at UCSB. When she's not studying, you can find her binge watching shows, eating hot pot or hanging out with friends in IV with a Blenders cup in her hands. Keep up with her on her Instagram page: @chloechoww
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