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#HCTour Comes to UCSB!

This year, HC nationals chose UCSB to participate in the Her Campus 2017 Tour. The event took place outside of the Thunderdome on Tuesday, March 14th, and let’s just say that despite finals being right around the corner, the turnout was ah-mazing

The Her Campus Tour consisted of six tents, five of which were hosted by our lovely sponsors, essence cosmetics, Juicy Couture, Aeropostale, L’Oreal and Student City. Tents were werked by our fabulous brand ambassadors and HC UCSB chapter interns, who hosted games and handed out free goodies. The aim of the event was to connect with our Collegiettes, all while having fun in the sun. Participants in the tour had only three tasks: follow HC UCSB on Instagram, collect goodies and take a lot of cute pictures!

From a prize wheel at L’Oreal to a #WatchMeSparkle wall at essence to checking off bucketlist destinations at Study City, there was definitely a ton to do at the event!

Stop #1: Her Campus tent

At the first stop of the tour, participants checked in and subscribed the Her Campus newsletter and followed HC UCSB on Instagram. They then received a coupon for European Wax Center (complimentary wax!) and their HC Tour goodie bag filled with goodies from our sponsors!


Stop #2: Bucklist by StudentCity

Next, attendees got to check off their #BucketList destinations and received a $25 promo card off their next trip with StudentCity!


Stop #3: L’Oreal Paris

Participants spun the prize wheel at the L’Oreal Paris tent for a chance to win L’Oreal Sublime Bronze products. There were also super cute pool floaties to lounge in! (That flamingo one on the left gave us life.)


Stop #4: Aeropostale Tent

At the Aeropostale tent, attendees got the chance to take a picture in front of the #FreeToBe photo wall and grab free camis, patches, and pins. They were also able to participate in an on-site giveaway for a chance to win more free goodies like a denim jacket!


Stop #5: Juicy Couture

At Juicy, participants took pictures at the Swarovski crystal palm tree photo wall, got a closer look at the new-and-improved Juicy tracksuit, and participated in an on-site giveaway, a Juicy celebrity guessing game to win the goodies displayed at the tent.


Stop #6: essence Cosmetics

At the final tour stop, attendees guessed the number of sparkle balls in a jar for a chance to win a makeup product of their choice. Next, they received the opportunity to win more essence products at the Plinko game, and finally got the perfect polaroid photo op in front of the #WatchMeSparkle wall! 

One thing we can all agree on is that the HC Tour definitely livened up our dead week. Our lovely CCs would like to thank everyone for coming and encourage everyone to check out our chapter site for more HC awesomeness!

Sociology major at UC Santa Barbara. Passions include: Taylor Swift, fashion, FRIENDS, chocolate, Snapchat and sassy t-shirts.
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