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HC’s Summer Countdown: 4 Ways to Spend Summer 2013

It’s already week six of spring quarter which means it’s about that time in the quarter where all of us are SO over it–the midterms, the 8:00 a.m. sections graded on participation, and the realization that we will always be behind on our class reading. The only thought getting me through the notorious “Week Six Struggles” is the fact that summer is only five weeks away. This means you have five shorts weeks to decide what you want to do with your three months of pure unadulterated freedom. But don’t fret–Her Campus is here to help you avoid a summer spent watching ABC Family Nicholas Sparks marathons on your couch with your two boyfriends Ben & Jerry. Instead, just pick one (or more!) of these active and exciting HC-approved summer 2013 activities.

1. Nail a real world internship

Even though The Hills ended 7 years ago (take a second to let that sink in…do you feel old now?), everyone still dreams to be Lauren Conrad (minus the Hollister capris) and get the opportunity to work in a trendy magazine office like Teen Vogue. Apply for internships that fuel whatever your passion is and don’t stop until you get one. Network your butt off and ask your family, friends, old teachers, neighbors—basically anyone—for help scoring your dream summer internship. Employers love people who show initiative and interest in their company, so don’t be afraid to cold email any potential leads. *Cue Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten”.*

2. Pick up a new hobby

I truly don’t mean to sound like your nagging parents, but picking up a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try or even a hobby you’ve never considered can be a lot of fun! Try something that keeps you active and exploring, like learning how to surf or joining a yoga studio to perfect your downward dog. If you want a more low-key activity, learn how to draw henna tattoos or experiment with cooking and try all of the recipes saved on your Pinterest “Yummyyyyy” board. Go one step further and document your hobby trials and successes on your own WordPress blog.

3. DIY like it’s your job

But actually…make it your job! DIY whatever your heart desires, whether it’s Coachella-inspired flower crowns, handmade body chains, or bohemian inspired dream catchers. Create an Etsy account and sell your one-of-a-kind crafts for a profit. What’s easier than making some extra spending cash from your living room couch? 

4. Sign up for summer school

Okay, so this option may sound a lot more academic than the rest, but no authentic Gaucho can deny that summer school is actually a pretty entertaining way to spend your summer. Gauchos are notorious for wishing their summers were shorter because they miss UCSB so much. What’s not to miss about laying out and tanning in 80 degree weather with a burrito in one hand and a cold brew in the other? So take advantage of the Santa Barbara weather and go to the beach every day, take a morning stroll to the lagoon, or play tourist in your own city and visit the Santa Barbara Mission and the Butterfly Preserve—all while getting ahead on your units!

Maya is currently a third year Communications major at UCSB and a San Francisco native. As an previous editorial intern for HC and current Campus Correspondent, Maya loves to write about her NOMtastic food endeavors and the laid back fashion and style of California. With an interest in magazine editorial writing and public relations, Maya plans to pursue these fields as she continues to add a little more spice to every Collegiate’s life!
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