Guys of UCSB Answer Girl’s Burning Q’s

I’ve always wished that I could read the mind of a man. I’ve spent endless nights wondering whether guys analyze things the way girls do. “He probably thought I was being needy when I said that.” “He must think I am so annoying.”  I had to get some answers, so I conducted a mini-research project where I asked a handful of UCSB girls what burning questions they had about guys. I then asked a few UCSB guys to answer their questions! Of course, these answers don’t hold true for all guys, but I figured it would be more informative to have a guy answer rather than a girl’s interpretive answer. Let’s be real, my guess is as good as yours.

Well, here are the Q’s and A’s provided by students from UCSB:


1. "How do you feel about a girl who 'puts out' on a first date?" -Michelle

-"I want her to, but she’s definitely not girlfriend material because she probably does this with a lot of other guys." -Brain

2. "How many dates are appropriate before having sex?" -Christine

-"No specific number, it’s important to feel out the situation." -Blake

3. "Conversely, how do you feel about a girl who makes you wait a very long time?" -Nancy

-"GTFO." -Juan


4. "How do you feel about female body hair?" -Judy

-"The spikey hair can be annoying, but not a big deal. Armpit hair on the other hand? No." -Peter

5. "Situation: You’ve been putting a girl on the back-burner, so she eventually stops texting you. Why is it that guys always seem to start things back up at this point?" -Lana

-"They miss the attention. A guy who does this is not worth it." (In other words, it doesn’t mean that he’s had a sudden change of heart like we were hoping.) -Bruce

6. "Does the number of guys a girl has hooked up with bother you? Would it bother you if her number were higher than your number?" -Lauren

-"No. No one cares about that." -Daniel (Then why do guys care about the first date thing, contradictory if you ask me.)

7. "Why are (straight) guys so fascinated by anal sex?" -Maria

-"Curiosity. To experiment. Because you’re not supposed to." -Josh


8. "Why are guys so turned on by girl-on-girl action? Girls don’t care for guy-on-guy." -Tiffany

-"It intensifies the hotness. It’s like what you would see in the movies" (i.e porn). -Ryan

-"Guys assume that they would be able to join in the mix, and two would be better than one." -Seth

9. "Do guys think about the gameplay of texting?" -Summer

    -"Yeah, come on. We all do." -Anthony

    -"To some extent. If she texts back too soon, it’s kind of cool, but also kind of desperate. I make her wait at least an hour before responding." -Evan

10. "What are signs that a guy is just not that into the girl?" -Sarah

-"I’d start giving short answers, or probably ignore her altogether. I definitely wouldn’t hang out with her." -Lee


***Names changed for the sake of privacy

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My name is Lauren MacDonald and I am the former Campus Corespondent/ Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus UCSB. While at UCSB, I dedicated much of my time to Her Campus as I strongly believe in its ability to empower women to tell their stories. I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and I am very excited to see where my experience and education takes me. 

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