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Graduation Season: Coping with Letting Go

Letting go and moving on is easier said than done, to say the least. For some of us, college has been the best time of our lives, with some amazing memories, important people and a beautiful, dynamic place to live. But, as graduation season approaches, we realize that all of that must fade away. Here are some things to think about as you end your time in college.

  Try to be aware and grateful for your last college memories.  

Sure, you’ll hang out with your friends again and probably do the same activities. But, it will never be college again. You probably won’t live as close together, have as little responsibility, or have an excuse to go a little too hard on a weeknight. So, as you and your friends are going out, laughing at home over brownies and trashy TV shows, or enjoying a moment in the sun, try to be aware that these are the last of these moments. . . and man, you’re really going to miss these people.

Remember that you can always bring a little of your college life with you.

Put up some embarrassing pictures of your friends from the nights they can’t remember, hang up that makeshift beer die champion metal your best friend gave you (even if it doesn’t go with your new very adult decor), or keep that old backpack that held your books as you hiked to and from campus every single day. Yeah, maybe it’s a little beat up. But, hey, so are you.

But, dream about you.

The hardest part about graduating is not leaving behind your beautiful campus or no longer learning new and interesting stuff; it’s all about the people you leave behind. But, a way to maybe make yourself feel a little better is thinking about what you are leaving them for. You are leaving them to pursue your future!

You’re headed off onto the next scary stage of your life and it sucks that they might not be able to be at your side, but you’re doing this for you. Think about how strong you are going to be when you get there and how proud of you they will be when you get to tell them all about it.

Graduation, by definition, is changing from one state to the next. It is going from being a broke college student to being a broke and very much in debt “professional.” Either way, it’s new, it’s exciting; it’s a real accomplishment. While it is sad to let go of college and all of those fantastic memories, it is time to begin life. Ready, set, go.

Maddie is a recently graduated English major and is excited to enter the publishing industry.
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