Girl Power: 7 Female Characters that you Should Look up to and Why

1. Leslie Knope

Why: She is never afraid to be herself. Even working in a male-dominated field where she's constantly pressured from outside forces, she always holds her ground. Also, there are way more great quotes shutting down the patriarchy than I can count.  

2. Annalise Keating 

Why: Although her tactics may be a little...unconventional, Annalise Keating totally kicks ass and puts in WORK. Girl does not take no for an answer, which is something we should all take notes on. 

3. Hazel Grace Lancaster

Why: Hazel Grace faces reality, no matter how dark it may be. And still, she manages to keep a big heart. She's always more concerned over the well-being of her family than she is of her own. And, of course, she fell unapologetically in love. How beautiful is that.4. Phoebe Buffay

Why: Wouldn't life be sooooo much easier if we all had Phoebe's rockin' confidence? Also, homegirl always tells it like it is. Why can't I be that honest? 

5. Olivia Pope

Why: If our nation were run by Olivia Pope, all would be right in the world. She is a fixer. She is fearless and fierce, but still allows herself to be vulnerable (even if it's in secret) and has a giant heart. 

6. Penelope Garcia

Why: How would the BAU even function without Garcia? Not only is she a tech-genius, but she's always the glimmer of light in the darkest of days. You can rely on her to find the good in anyone. And her witty banter is always on p o i n t. 

7. Gloria Pritchett

Why: Gloria constantly puts up with stereotypes (e.i. "gold digger" or "dumb Latina"). But she never allows these to determine her way of life or the deter the example she wishes to set for her kids. She knows how to stand on her own two feet and hold her ground, even in 6-inch stilletos.