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The Funk Zone: The Perfect Spot to Add a Little Funk to Your Insta

Does your Instagram feel like it’s missing a little funk, but you don’t know where to go to take some pics? Well, The Funk Zone awaits your arrival. Located near downtown Santa Barbara, The Funk Zone gives you and your friends a place to feel like you’re going out, but in that Covid-19 safe way. Each street is filled with unique coffee shops and bars, wall art, and ocean views that are sure to have that backdrop you have been looking for.

I Like That Picture a Latte: Dart Coffee

Dart Coffee is one of the most unique coffee shops that you will find in the Santa Barbara area. Its outdoor garden allows for natural sunlight to now only light up the caramel drizzle on your iced coffee, but give you that “don’t YOU drink your coffee in a rustic garden too?” vibe. Their indoor ordering area is filled with red lanterns dangling from the ceiling and tons of natural light that will give you that glowing face-mask picture you’ve been waiting to get since the pandemic started. With reasonably priced beverages that don’t break that college budget, this Funk Zone gem is guaranteed to (pumpkin) spice up your Instagram feed

21+ Appreciation Post: The Lark

The Lark is one of the most picturesque spots to grab a bite to eat or grab your to-go cocktail for home. Now that restaurants and bars are going back to to-go orders only, this gives you the perfect opportunity to get dressed in your most Insta worthy outfit, go buy your favorite drink and pose in front of their greenery-filled outdoor seating area.  Located in the middle of The Funk Zone, The Lark lets you explore this industrialized, photo-worthy place with a full stomach.

Posted: Riverbench Tasting Room

The wall art that decorates the streets of this groovy little area gives The Funk Zone its charm. Scattered throughout the grungy blocks of restaurants and shops are the most eye-catching and detail-oriented paintings that are sure to add a pop of color to your Instagram. I recently roamed my way around the sidewalks, searching for some picture-perfect locations and stumbled across these murals in front of the Riverbench Tasting Room. Every turn blows your mind with the endless amount of photo opportunity you can get in just a few steps.


If you have been looking for the perfect location to get some beach babe pictures to show off your nature side, you are only a few blocks away from ocean heaven. The Funk Zone is conveniently located right next to a large expanse of beach that gives you your space to get your sandy photoshoot in. Located next to a harbor that houses hundreds of sailboats and yachts, the beach area near The Funk Zone is sure to give you a few pics with a cute boat passing by in the background

Bella Powell is a Senior Communication major that grew up on the Central Coast. When she is not doing ~online~ school, you can find her working at Amazon, re-watching "The Office", or hanging out with her kittens, Garbanzo and Chickpea.
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