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Five Things You’ll Want To Do Post-Pandemic

A common topic of conversation among people today is attending concerts or going to Disneyland as soon as the pandemic ends. Now that vaccine has begun to roll out; this prospect looks promising. Here are some underrated things you can add to your post-pandemic bucket list (yes, I know some places already allow these, but let me fantasize anyway). 

Dressing Rooms

While many people talk about all of the parties they have missed, it is uncommon to hear anyone talk about how inconvenient shopping can sometimes be when you can't try things on... especially pants, I feel like stores will always disagree on how they should actually be measured. I miss just trying on clothes and putting together different outfits and wild styles, living my Hannah Montana closet dreams in a little fitting room. 

Movie Theatres

I never really appreciated the theaters until quarantine hit. I started binge-watching the Marvel movies, and I always think about how cool it must have been to be invested since the beginning: watching all the special effects, the sound quality, the entire theatre reacting to jokes and emotional scenes in unison. Dark rooms and soundbars simply don’t come close to the movie theater experience. 

Sharing Meals

There’s something very intimate about sharing meals. Whether it’s with a friend or a significant other, it is just nice to share something with them. You’re experiencing the same meal and tasting the food together, and it’s just something you only do with the people you’re closer with. 

Road Trip

It’s fun driving with people- it's all about the journey and connection, not the destination. I miss being able to pass the aux around, jamming to throwbacks or simping to love songs. I want to stop at underrated diners, explore towns, and focus on the little adventures for a minute rather than the big goals we often consume ourselves with.

Hugs and Kisses

A moment of silence for those people whose love language is physical touch: this year was ROUGH! I have always expressed my love to my friends with hugs and platonic (for the most part) kisses. The next hug I get, I am going to feel like Jack Frost in the 3rd Santa Clause film and just melt. (Shout out to Martin Short!)

If there is anything that this pandemic showed me, it’s that life isn’t promised. When the world opens up, we must live our lives to the fullest, never taking a second of it for granted again. 

Freshman at UCSB majoring in Communication and Political Science. Enjoys TikTok, the Avengers, and belting out to the Hamilton soundtrack. Will also do your makeup (somewhat well) and go shopping with you.
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