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Fall is here, and nothing drives that home harder than the start of the Fall Quarter. With the start of a new quarter comes the usual planning for courses, but also for outfits! Although this season has proven to be hotter than previous Falls, there are certain clothing staples one must sneak in.

1. A Knit sweater

Preferably chunky, and in seasonal colors (like burnt orange, yellow, or green), a knit sweater is a Fall must! I myself like a slightly oversized, cropped knit sweater. There’s something about feeling warm and cozy in a big soft sweater. The type of sweater that is just the right amount of oversized, not so obviously oversized that it makes you look shapeless. It just screams Fall, you know?

2. Boots or sneakers

A pair of Doc Martens, a worn-in pair of Converse, or some tall boots are the best shoes to wear in Fall. When choosing which shoes to wear, it should depend on whether you are wearing jeans or a skirt, as well as dependent upon the weather. Wearing Converse on a rainy day can be uncomfortable!

3. A Fashionable jacket

For the most part, this kind of jacket is more for aesthetic than practical use, but once in a while, you’ll come across a jacket that is both fashionable and practical! For the Fall, an oversized jean jacket or a faux leather jacket in green, brown, dark orange, or tan is a must-have, even if it is to be worn exclusively in the Fall. What makes these jackets even better is some faux fur along the collar and cuff, or a Sherpa lining to keep you warm! 

4. Blue jeans

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the ever-versatile blue jeans, preferably with no rips and in its traditional blue wash. Personally, I enjoy a good ol’ pair of mom jeans, but wide-leg pants are also very trendy, especially with a nice pair of boots! 

5. A Skirt 

Last, but certainly not least, is a cute red or green plaid skirt. These skirts would be especially cute paired with sheer tights and boots! You can never go wrong with a cute and stylish skirt.

If you still find yourself looking for some Fall-inspired outfits to try this quarter, I highly suggest that you check out looks from the 90’s. Another option is, of course, Gilmore Girls. The characters dress in the epitome of Fall fashion! You’d be lying if you said Rory or Lorelai Gilmore don’t randomly pop into your mind once Fall arrives. We’ve all thought about how certain spots on campus look like they belong in Stars Hollow, or how the multitude of studying students hanging around the campus gives Rory Gilmore vibes, while fashionable students walking around with their coffees give off Lorelai Gilmore energy.

Of course, each person has their own unique style, so if you find these suggestions do not quite measure up to your own look, feel free to make adjustments to get the outfit you would feel most comfortable wearing! Fashion is definitely more of a “to each their own” aspect of life, despite its multifaceted traits.

Alexa is a fourth-year English major at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Interests include: listening to music, exploring, and reading.