Feeling the Senior Blues


                                                                                  Photo taken by Sosi Maraslian


As I drove up to Henley Gate on Sunday, March 27th, it suddenly dawned on me: this is the last time I will begin a new quarter at UCSB. I said the words aloud, and my friends told me to not think of it that way. Instead, they advised me to enjoy my last few weeks of paradise. I decided, in that moment, to do just that.

Now, I wander through campus in an awestruck daze. I stroll through the crowded arbor and remember the first time I ever stepped foot in it on Spring Insight day in 2012. I look up at our Storke Tower and its grandeur and wonder how many times, in the last four years, it has watched me from above as I walked by. I pass other students on their way to class, and I notice their strides show purpose and ambition. Finally, I look out at the ocean from our eroded cliffs and marvel at the beauty surrounding me.

I’ll never forget the miraculous sunsets I’ve witnessed, nor will I forget the bonds I’ve created with friends throughout the years. Outside Campbell Hall, on the first day of orientation, is where I met my best friend. The Santa Catalina dorms (lets be honest, they’ll always be FT in our hearts) are where we burned popcorn countless times while getting ready for movie nights. In our apartments, we have had elaborate Friendsgivings and not-so-Secret Santa parties. At Woodstock’s, I enjoyed many pint nights with my closest friends (in professional attire). All of these things are not only a part of my past but they are also a part of who I am in the present. In about seven weeks, I will be leaving UCSB, but I will be taking with me countless memories and beautiful friendships. All of these things make UCSB—my second home—special.

This last spring quarter, I will live my life to the fullest and enjoy my paradise while I still have it. I will accept invitations to hang out, I will be involved on campus as much as possible, and I will do it all with a smile on my face and zero regrets. I will make sure to truly appreciate and fully take in the beauty that Isla Vista and UCSB offer. Cheers to UCSB and cheers to our Gaucho family!