The Dreaded Return of "Bikini Body Season"

Summer is upon us. Recently, we’ve been lucky enough to have a taste of summer with the hot weather and shining sun. As the weather heats up and the shorts come out, the idea of the “bikini body” begins to resurface. The “bikini body” is an expectation society places on women regarding how their body should look during the summer season. This includes being the perfect combination of both toned and “thick.”

However, contrary to belief there is not a set standard for what classifies as a “summer-appropriate body.” This expectation hinders what swimwear or summer attire you should wear. Rather than promoting expectations of what your body should look like, there needs to be an emphasis on self-love. A “bikini body” is the body you go into summer with. If you love how your body looks, there is no reason to change it.

Image via ASOS 

There has been a change in the presentation of bathing suits. Instead of women modeling bathing suits with model physiques, they are now presenting more realistic figures. Do you know those rolls that appear on your stomach when you sit down? Every woman gets those rolls, no matter her body type. In April, ASOS showcased models’ stomach rolls in their recent bathing suit campaign. Stomach rolls are completely normal, so why does society pretend it is not? Campaigns like ASOS’s offer a refreshing take on body positivity in mainstream media.  

Everybody deserves to flaunt their body. After months of being coddled in hoodies and sweatpants, your body is begging for a little sunlight. A little cellulite never hurt anybody! Do not starve your body of vitamin D because you do not think your body is “bikini ready.” If you have a bikini and a body, then there is your bikini body. Granted, I know that it is easier said than done but with a few changes in your mindset you will lead on the road to loving your body.

Image via Target 

Bathing suits come in all different styles. It is important to find the suit that you feel most comfortable in. One-pieces are cuter than ever before! They are not like the ones you wore as a child; they now include plunging back lines, cheeky bottoms, and flattering patterns. There are also so many different types of bikinis. High-rise bikini bottoms are the perfect solution to concealing your stomach if that is an area you’re self-conscious about. Loving the way you look in a bathing suit may not happen overnight, but it is completely possible.

A “bikini body” is not worth constricting diets that leave you feeling hungry, sketchy diet teas that will leave you on the toilet for hours, anxiety in the fitting room, and working yourself out to exhaustion. A different route to a “bikini body” includes practicing self-love and understanding that your body is beautiful no matter how it looks. You and your body have been through a lot together and you should be able to celebrate that. If society were to become more accepting of all bodies, women of all shapes would feel more comfortable walking out in their own skin. All women’s bodies are beautiful whether you’re thin, toned, or have a lot to love. Together as women, we can uplift each other and destigmatize the natural anatomy of women.

Image via Bikinishe