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Dorm Sweet Dorm: Cozy Decorating Ideas

Think you’ll miss the comfort of your bedroom at home while you’re away at college? Think again. With these simple dorm decorating ideas, you can recreate that homey feeling and have a space that’s cozy and personalized.

Banish barren walls: 

Think of the walls in your dorm as blank canvases…because that’s exactly what they are. Plain white walls are slightly lackluster, but you don’t have to go collage crazy to liven them up. Order a few artistic prinst from Etsy and arrange them above your bed or desk, leaving space in between to create a stylish, minimalistic look. 

For an even more personalized touch, order prints of your own Instagram photos from Printstagram and position those neat little squares in any pattern you desire. 

Looking for something a bit more eclectic? Hanging up a colorful tapestry, like these ones from Urban Outfitters, sets the scene for a charming and inviting abode. 

Explore more lighting options:

Dorm rooms don’t usually have the most creative lighting fixtures (think lots of fluorescent). However, you can give your home away from home a warmer ambiance with lighting alternatives like dainty fairy lights or paper lanterns. String them across the ceiling for a dreamlike atmosphere that’ll take the stress away from late night study sessions.

When creating a more peaceful environment with lighting, candles also come to mind, but they’re not allowed in the residence halls. Nevertheless, these flameless candles offer the same flickering effect and delicious scent of real candles and are safe enough to use in your dorm!

Bring the outdoors inside:

What’s quainter than a row of potted plants? They’re small enough to display on your desk or windowsill and instantly brighten up the room. Although fresh flowers from the backyard garden might not be at hand during your time at college, you can still pick out unique plants from a local nursery. Don’t be afraid to get crafty and place them in unexpected containers, like vintage teacups or tea tins.

Create your own little corner:

Transform your bed area into a serene retreat with a custom canopy. Simply hang sheer curtains from the ceiling and drape them over the corners of your bed. 

Another way to make your bed area a place of ultimate relaxation is to pile on the throw pillows, which serve the dual purpose of being comfy and decorative. 

Finally, these DIY doily dreamcatchers are easy to make and add the perfect finishing touch to your cozy domain. 

Melissa Doran
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