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Tired of spending $5 for your favourite cup of boba every single day? Is there a hole in your wallet from your excessive boba spending? Ever wished you could have a magical boba making machine in your house to ensure you are boba stocked 24/7? Boba has caused severe damage to my wallet this month, so after researching online, I found a dope recipe and decided that making my own flavoured boba tea would be a fun, interesting and budget cutting ‘DIY’ activity that I should try. You do not need the scary looking machines you see at boba shops and you can even add these little tapioca balls to any beverage you want. 

Where does boba come from? Boba originated in Taiwan and spread through Southeast Asia before coming to the West.

What is boba made from? Boba is made from tapioca pudding and the balls are soaked in syrup to add flavour.

Where can you put boba? ANY BEVERAGE YOU WANT!!! 

Ingredients for one boba drink:

1. 1/4 cup of dried tapioca balls (you can buy this from a local asian grocery store or online)

2. 1-2 bags of tea to flavour the beverage

3. 1/2 cup of water

4. 1/2 cup of brown sugar

5. Condensed milk or milk

6. Fruit juice, syrup or powder for beverage flavour


1. Measure out the tapioca balls and place them in a saucepan with boiling water

2. Leave the balls in the saucepan for around 15 mins

3. Prepare a brown sugar syrup for the boba to soak in for flavour

4. Mix in the brown sugar to water on high heat and then soak the cooked boba in the syrup 

5.  Make a strong cup of tea or prepare a glass of juice to put your boba in

6. Pour the boba into the cup of tea/juice and enjoy your DIY boba!

7. Refrigerate the boba so you can keep using it! 

The cost of this DIY project for 10 cups of boba is just $6 instead of $5 per cup in a boba shop! Hope you enjoy this fun DIY recipe and make some dope boba flavours. Don’t be afraid to try weird or unique flavours with your boba! You can even put your boba in a mason jar for a hip feel ;)

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