Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair

No matter what your priorities currently are, short hair is always in style. Getting a haircut can be so refreshing and sometimes even allows us to redefine ourselves just a bit. By cutting your hair short, you can express your edginess as well as your femininity. Here are a handful of short hairstyle ideas to try! 

Pixie cuts may not be for everyone, but they are darn cute. When getting a pixie cut, it is important to have your stylist make your layers well-balanced especially if you are planning to play around with highlights. 


The bob is a beautiful, classic short hairstyle. For this look, your hair should fall right at your shoulders or a bit above and you can try using hairspray to replicate beachy waves or to organize your curls.  



Obviously, Rihanna looks incredible no matter what look she is rocking. However, there has been a recent rise in populatrity of women shaving half of their heads. This look is so edgy, cool and dramatic, which is perfect for those who are trying to make a statement. 

Short hair is meant to look great down because of how healthy it is. Typically, short hair will be full of layers and have lots of volume, but it is always fun to try and switch it up. In order to do so with short hair, the trick it to use lots of bobby pins and small hair ties to accessorize.