Cute Economical Outfits

As college students, most of us are bogged down with numerous of financial responsibilities and might not be lucky enough to have money to buy lots of new clothes all the time. Here are some tips on dressing cute without having to empty out your savings! 

Layer up with your basic essentials to achieve a cute look!

Flannel shirts go with a lot!

Flannels (usually under $20) are super cute and you can wear them with so many things! You can wear a t shirt with some pants and tie the flannel around your waist for flare, you can wear a cami inside and wear the flannel on top and wear pants or leggings, instead of buttoning the front of the shirt, you can tie it up instead for a cute outfit for the summer and you can wear the flannel and actually button it up if you’d like!

Get that white V-neck!

White V-necks are super cute and can go with so many things, whether it is a skirt, jeans, shorts, you name it! They can be found for $5 brand new at many stores like H&M and Cotton On.



If you don’t like your pants constricting your movement, leggings are a great way to go! They are affordable ($5 or less), usually last a while, and go with almost any top. In the winter, you can also wear another pair of pants on top of them too, if you feel like it is too cold.


Little black dress

If you own a little black dress, there are multiple ways to spin this look. You can dress it up with accessories and cute booties or you can dress it down with something casual, like with a pair of converse and even a flannel. Since it’s almost summer, you can be sure to find dresses in many of your favorite stores!


Other tips about getting a cute look…

Other ways to be economical about getting cute outfits is going to the thrift store to pick up some clothes. Often time, some thrift stores will have certain sales every month or even more often where you can pick up gently used clothing for a fraction of their original price. Sometimes you may even be able to find brand new clothing with the tags still attached! You really never know what you can find!

Chances are you are in college and live with some roommates, housemates, or some friends that wear the same sized clothing as you do. If you share your clothes with others, chances are they will share with you too! Sometimes they might have that key shirt or pair of shorts that might perfect your outfit.

Images courtesy of GRATISOGRAPHY