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Could You Be the One? Strict Bachelor Guidelines You Have to Follow to Find the One

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSB chapter.

Being a contestant on the reality TV show “The Bachelor” seems to embody everything a luxurious vacation would, but could you handle the strict rules that come with this once in a lifetime experience (that’s not cliche, is it?)? I’m here to go over the craziest rules that each girl has to follow under the close eye of ABC producers, while trying to keep that fun fiance material thriving. 

Cell Phone = GONE

selective focus photo of a gold iPhone 6s home screen
Photo by Benjamin Sow from Unsplash

You better come up with some icebreaker questions for your stay because if you don’t make friends, you mind as well kiss your social life goodbye! Phones are confiscated to keep Bachelor Nation in the dark and while you may enjoy a little time to unwind from outside stress, you’re probably going to end up missing those TikToks.

They’re Always Listening

image of two women whispering
Photo by Ben White from Unsplash
Kiss your privacy goodbye! Every person in the house has a microphone strapped to them the moment they wake up until the moment they go to bed. Think you could sneak around after hours to get a little late night convo in with your Bachelor BFF? Think again… 24-hour surveillance allows producers to hide cameras and microphones to pick up on those sneaky conversations.

Don’t Get Political (as a profession, that is!)

Photo by Paul Weaver on Unsplash

If you want to get into the political spotlight after competing for your chance at love, you may want to think of another way of finding your man. Contestants may not be a politician from the time of signing their Bachelor contracts until a year after the last airing of their season.   

Goodbye Take-Out

Photo by Kelly Sikkema from Unsplash

Although the mansion looks like a place that would be bustling with personal chefs and catering platters, that’s not quite on the menu. As a contestant, you are in charge of all your cooking and cleaning (mentioned by Leslie Hughes from Sean Lowe’s season). So say goodbye to your go-to order from McDonald’s! 

Hope You Like Solid Colors

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Do you feel your best in a plaid print dress with some matching heels? Well, it’s probably best if you keep that outfit at home. Producers only allow the girls to wear solid colors (with the exception of all white) to fit their strict style guide. I guess they want you to stand out in other ways than your own unique sense of style. 

Bella Powell is a Senior Communication major that grew up on the Central Coast. When she is not doing ~online~ school, you can find her working at Amazon, re-watching "The Office", or hanging out with her kittens, Garbanzo and Chickpea.
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