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College Hacks: 9 Creative Ways to Eat Ramen

College life is hard, and cooking is hard. Ramen is starting to taste bland and you are starting to skip meals because you are getting sick of the taste of the premade seasoning of your ramen. Worry not, here are some creative ways to make your ramen meals more exciting and delectable!

1. ​Breakfast Ramen

With just bacon, cheese and eggs, you can complete the ideal ramen breakfast meal without that ramen packet you have been using since the beginning of college. It is as simple as throwing them all in one skillet and enjoying a nice breakfast ramen. This also does well as a hangover meal in the morning when you are looking for something loaded with carbs to eat.

Ingredients: bacon, cheese, eggs and ramen

photo credit: delish.com

2. Ramen Burger

This delicacy has already been popularized all over social media. However, nothing should be stopping you from making a delicious ramen burger at home. The recipe is simple. Take two halves of a ramen, fry them in butter until they reach a golden brown color, and add in the topings of your choice. Simple and ready to eat in a matter of minutes!

photo credit: thedish.plated.com  

3. Ramen Fries

Crunchy, delightful, and simple. All the things a college student needs to hear for a simple snack. Ramen fries may or may not be as comparable as the typical potato french fry, however, ramen can add that extra crunch you can never really achieve in a boring old potato. If you have a packet of ramen lying around, then why the heck not?

photo credit: buzzfeed.com

4. Ramen Pizza

Just think, years from now, you will be regretting all that money you spent on ordering take out and pizza deliveries when you could have avoided that all together and make your very own at home. If you are the type of person who loves a nice crunchy crust, then this hack is for you. Pizza ramen, do it. 

photo credit: buzzfeed.com

5. Grilled Ramen Sandwich

Like the infamous ramen burger, this sandwich just cries out “heart attack” when you look at it. But the problem is when you look at it, you want to eat it, to which I say, go for it! Although this option is the most boring looking one, you cannot deny how delicious it looks. Sometimes simple and plain is the best plan of action.

photo credit: thedeliciouslife.com

6. Parmesan Garlic Ramen

This may or may not be a spin on Kylie Jenner’s butter and garlic ramen, but it may just rival its deliciousness. The ingredients itself sound delicious to add to a plain bowl of ramen noodles. Skip the soup and add those left-over parmesan packets from your last pizza order and a bit of garlic to give it that impactful flavor. 

photo credit: thedeliciouslife.com

7. Ramen Carbonara

Pasta carbonara and now ramen carbonara? Uh, yes! Calling all cream pasta lovers, this hack is made for you. If you are feeling adventurous, and ready to dine on a gourmet ramen, then this is the recipe for you. It can even be a fun meal to bring to potlucks or organization banquets. Classy and cheap, it’s not a combination you can find everywhere.

photo credit: buzzfeed tasty

8. Cold Ramen Noodle Salad

When one first thinks of ramen, they would never think of cold. However, cold noodles are not bad—especially if you top it off with various vegetables and dressings. Feeling daring one day? Here is your answer. 

photo credit: essentiallyelectic.com 

9. Mason Jar Ramen Noodles

The famously aesthetic jar of noodles has blown up on Instagram’s everywhere. This cute looking mason jar meal is perfect for those who are on the go, and feel like having a nice-looking lunch to eat out of. Both nice to look at and good to eat, you cannot go wrong with this creative college hack. A good tip for this is to use chicken broth instead of that packet of seasoning everyone dreads so much.

photo credit: hapanom.com

Mable Truong is a second year collegiate attending the University of California- Santa Barbara, with a major in Communication. She is into everything that is cute, pink or characteristically happy. Despite her interests in pink and all things happy, you can often find her wearing a wardrobe composing of of mainly black, gray, and white. In hopes of making it big in the field of creative marketing and branding, she tries her best to incorporate her life interests to her education. DIY projects and interior design are her favorite past times, and you can often find her planning her next project in her overly pink dorm room.
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