The Chronicles of Love

From tripping in public to freezing up in front of hundreds of people at a wedding, where I was supposed to give a speech at, I’ve experienced it all. I am the queen when it comes to embarrassing myself in public. What is worse than embarrassing yourself in front of a bunch of people that you don’t know? Embarrassing yourself in front of the one person that you want to impress the most. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are five times that people have embarrassed themselves in front of their crush.

1. Falling for You

Imagine that you are a freshman in high school again. Awkward, confused, and scrawny. The last thing you want to do is go to PE in unflattering gym shorts and an oversized t-shirt, especially if your crush is in your class. So, Jack has liked this girl all year. Things were going pretty smoothly, considering that they were texting each other pretty frequently. The year comes to an end, which means finals upon them. For their PE final, they had to get into groups and perform a tumbling routine in front of the whole class. Leading up to the routine, he was texting his crush that he was really nervous because he didn’t feel like he had the routine down. His crush evidently texted him back saying, “Haha you’ll do great no worries!” When it was time, they went up and he attempted to do a cartwheel. The result? “I ended up falling flat on my ass and knocking my group mates over like human bowling pins.” After the incident, he so embarrassed that he didn’t talk to her for a long time. “Come to think of it, my current girlfriend was in that class too. Go figure. What a small world.”

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2. Crazy, Stupid Love

I think we’ve all pretended to be lost in class and asked our crush to help us on something at one point or another. Emma liked this guy in her class, but didn’t know how to talk to him. She wanted to get his attention, so she decided to ask him a question from a homework problem. Her heart was racing at a hundred minutes as she took the courage to speak to him. In the ideal world, he would have answered her question and maybe they would have even gone on study dates together. Instead, this was his response to her: “Don’t be stupid, I know you know the answer. If not, you’re really dumb.”

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3. A Note-Worthy Lesson

Remember the times in grade school, when you would get a sub for the day? Those were the best days because it meant that it would be a chill day, with no work. Well, there was this one time, where Kevin had a sub, so naturally everyone was fooling around. That was also the day that he chose to sit right next to his crush. I can only imagine how nervous he must have been because at least for me, my palms will get clammy and my heart will beat just a little bit faster, just seeing my crush. Their sub was playing music in class and everyone was singing out loud. He wanted to impress his crush and show her that he was “well cultured”, so he decided to sing the lyrics to a song really loudly before the actual lyrics came on. “When the time came, I screamed the lyrics at the top of my lungs and I realized pretty quickly afterwards, that I screamed the wrong lyrics and she was looking at me weird. I never sat next to her or talked to her again.”

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4. Truffle in Paradise

Have you ever walked around in public with a piece of your lunch still on your face? Don’t worry because Anna can relate. Let me set the scene for you. She was on a date with her crush and they were going to get lunch and then skateboard on the beach afterwards. How cute, right? For lunch, they had sandwiches and brownies. Do you see where I am going with this yet? “About four hours later I stopped to go to the restroom and I noticed I had brownie on my face the entire time...” Imagine trying your absolute best to impress your crush, with all the confidence that you own, but in reality, you were going about the date with brownie bits on your face. The worst part? He never told even told her about it.

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5. Straight Out of a Movie

The last story involves a scene that should have been in a k-drama. No I’m not exaggerating. Okay maybe a little bit, but you be the judge of that. It was in the middle of midterm season and Kailey was tremendously overwhelmed because she had a lot on her plate. That day she was having an extremely bad day because she just failed an exam. After class, she went to acting practice, thinking it would improve her mood because she would get to see her director, who she had a crush on. Instead, he teased her and made fun of her acting. It lowered her self-esteem even more. On their way home was when things got a little dramatic. “I told him I felt like I was falling apart and I couldn’t hold myself together anymore and he told me to let the pieces fall, so I literally started ugly sobbing in the middle of campus.” I was eager to know what happened afterwards, so I asked her. She said, “Oh, it was so k-drama. He like whipped me around and hugged me, as a bunch of people just kept walking past us.” I told you it was dramatic.

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So, if you are nervous to talk to your crush or are scared that you are going to embarrass yourself in front of them, don’t worry! Sometimes, things just work out. Even if they don’t, you’ll have a great story to tell your friends at dinner.

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! 

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of those who took the courage to tell me their stories.*