Childhood Fashion, Adult Life

They say history repeats itself, and we totally stand by that when it comes to fashion! Have you ever noticed that even the fashion history within our lifetimes make comebacks--even as young as we are? We may not always stop to think about our current trends, but when we do, they sometimes end up being closer to home than we thought! (Maybe even our own childhoods(;)


1. Rompers

From the day we were born, our parents dressed us in little one-piece outfits that were pretty impossible to take off. Today, we have returned to the easy life of not having to match two different pieces of clothing together. Rompers are always super chic and sophisticated.

2. Overalls

Back at it again with the one-piece outfits! Only this time, we can add adorable shirts under. Overalls were pretty much a staple piece of clothing that every parent loved dressing their kid in for summer family picnics, playschool, and more. With the grunge trend back in style, this 90s outfit has made a star reappearance.

3. Floral dresses

From Sunday school to family weddings to school spring photos, floral dresses were always a go-to fashion piece as a kid. A couple decades later, they are still a go-to fashion piece during most seasons, and can be dressed up or down as much as we please.

4. Jelly sandals

Another 90s trend that has made a comeback in this decade is the jelly sandals. They’re unexpected, but cute and quirky and super comfortable!

5. Denim skirts

Yet another staple from our childhood that was practically an everyday uniform, denim skirts went with just about every style we could imagine as kids. Today they serve us exactly the same: simple, casual, or dressed up--we can wear denim skirts any way we want!

6. Bright hair colors

Remember when all the coolest people had streaks in their hair? Well the brights are back baby! From peek-a-boo highlights to full head ombres, the possibilities for colored hair is endless.


What other childhood fashion trends have you brought back?