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Cheap, Quick, and Easy DIY Canvas Project

Adult coloring books are fun and all but sometimes it’s nice to try something new! Instead of having to frame a coloring page, why not paint on a canvas and hang it up without having to go through the extra steps? You can probably finish this project in thirty minutes if you follow the directions. You only need a few materials and you can reuse these items or have enough to use them multiple times. This can be a fun activity to do by yourself or even with a group of friends! These are great to put up in your own room or you can even make a canvas or two for your friends and family. They look cute, chic and have a modern geometric design that can fit in with any wall. They’re easy to get at places around UCSB like Staples and the Michael’s Craft Store in Goleta. Since you’re going to be painting, there is going to be a huge selection of colors you can use and you can get as crafty as you would like!

Materials needed:

  • A blank canvas (you can get these on sale at Michael’s craft store)

  • masking tape/ washi tape (you can get these at home depot or even Staples)

  • acrylic paint (1-2 colors or more if you want more colors)

  • A paint brush

  • Optional: Glitter



  1. Put the tape on the canvas for desired design. To keep the paint from going under the tape, make sure the tape is on the canvas by smoothing over the tape a couple times to rid the air bubbles. This way you don’t have to go over the spots where paint shouldn’t be and save some time! (you can do this in zigzags if you want the chevron design or in whatever pattern you desire with different sizes like in the picture above)

  2. Paint inside spots inside the tape

  3. Wait for the paint to dry

  4. If you want the colors to be more bold, you might want to wait for the paint to dry and then paint another layer on top so the color stands out more.

  5. OPTIONAL: After you paint the canvas, this is where you could add glitter or anything you feel like putting on the canvas before the paint dries completely so it can stick.

  6. Peel off the tape and now you have wall art!

  7. OPTIONAL: If you want to add something like fake flowers like in the picture below, you’re going to need something like a glue gun to make sure it sticks.


I hope you will have some time to try this out and I wish everyone good luck during Spring quarter! Have a nice week collegiettes! 


Hello! Devonne is a fourth year Chinese major with an applied psychology minor. She loves to binge watch shows on Netflix, trying out new food, and writing her penpals during her free time. She has an obsession with being organized and the Container Store a little too much. She is also interested in learning more about watercolor painting and modern calligraphy. 
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