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Being a girl is expensive -right, ladies? Well, we're here to lessen the cost of beauty.

Behold: our list of Cheap Beauty Hacks.

1. Use eyeshadow to fill in your eyebrows

Tip: Use an eyebrow makeup brush for this. Even though this costs money, it is less in the longrun than the eyebrow pencil or other eyebrow filler that you will continuously have to replace. Use an eyeshadow color that you already own, such as a brown from a palette, so that you are using your eyeshadow in multiple ways (for your eyes and eyebrows) rather than paying for separate makeup. 


2. Use conditioner to shave

The creamy composition of conditioner does the job just as well as shaving cream, and leaves your legs super smooth. Another crazy tip we've heard is shaving with lotion!


3. Buy a jug of coconut oil

What can't cocounut oil be used for?! It's the ultimate moisturizer - when it comes to replacing body lotion, or especially face moisturizer (it's very good for your skin and gentle enough for your face), replacing hair serum, whitening your teeth (look up "oil pulling"), or removing your makeup. 


4. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil works magic when it comes to healing acne and any infections or wounds. If you apply this oil to any acne after you wash your face before you go to bed, you will definitely see benefits! If you have a minor wound or infection, then apply the oil after washing the wound/infection. 


5. Use eyeshadow as eyeliner

Yes, back to the eyeshadow... but really, it has so many purposes! If you have a thin eyeshadow brush, you can (this is optional) lightly damp the brush and use it to apply dark eyeshadow to your eyes in the same places that you would apply eyeliner. This saves you money because all you need is a makeup palette or eyeshadow, instead of the additional cost of eyeliner. 


Enjoy beauties!





Cheyenne is a first-year UCSB student currently studying Communication and Environmental Studies. She is a third-culture kid who grew up in Dubai, UAE and therefore loves to travel and challenge the different social constructs that exist within our world. She enjoys writing, exercising, fashion, film, and is a total foodie. You can find her on Instagram @cheyennekab.
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