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Campus Cutie: Stephen Lapchak

Name: Stephen Lapchak
Year: 2nd (class of 2013)
Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA (birthplace of Richard Nixon)
Relationship Status: Single

Campus Involvement: UCSB Baseball, SAE fraternity

Activities: Weird Plate and Charity Work

What exactly is Weird Plate?: Weird Plate is a website (www.weirdplate.com) that serves as a source for critique on information on the topics of art, fashion, film, music, and people. The theme of the information that Weird Plate provides is obviously weird, but by weird, we don’t mean awkward and unattractive. Our definition of weird is almost the complete opposite. Our definition of weird is a compliment to something that stands outside of the norm. Something that not everybody may not understand, but they will embrace and respect, because they’ve never been apart of, heard, felt, or seen anything quite like it before.

Along with our critiques, Weird Plate will also be providing our followers with information about events where Weird Plate members will be in attendance, and events where Weird Plate members won’t be, but wish that we were. Weird Plate will also be sponsoring events of our own at various locations. At the events we host, Weird Plate members will be playing out the bangers and putting out the vibes better than any other event that you could possibly be at, ever. And if you’d like Weird Plate to DJ, or maybe even sponsor your event, please let us know. We’re available for booking, and will bring the party to an entirely different level, because in the end, we just want to get weird with you. Soon we will be launching our own line of Weird Ware and other Weird Plate items to fit our followers and even further raise the hype about Weird Plate.

Goals after college: Expand Weird Plate, as well as my charity work.

Favorite thing to do in Santa Barbara: Anything that has to do with my friends and that involves being outside

Describe your perfect girl: Any girl that likes Weird Plate and laughs at my jokes

What Is Your Favorite College Memory?: SAE RODEO 2010.

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