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A Breakdown of Ed Sheeran’s Divide

After a year hiatus, Ed Sheeran finally released his latest album, Divide. The record dropped on March 3rd and is already topping all the charts. In an interview with MTV UK, Sheeran says Divide is his best work and he thinks one of the songs on the album is better than Thinking Out Loud – a notable hit from his previous album, Multiply. But what song could he possibly be talking about? Just keep reading.

1. Eraser

Divide starts off intensely with this edgy song. Sheeran raps about his life in the spotlight saying: I used to think nothing could be better than touring the world with my songs/ I chased the picture perfect life I think they painted it wrong.

2. Castle on the Hill

Sheeran returns to his roots in this pop tune. The steady beat and light guitar strums give off a nostalgic vibe as Sheeran shares memories of the simpler times that were his teenage years.

3. Dive

A song with a much slower beat than Castle on the Hill, Sheeran’s vocals are soft throughout Dive, but reach a higher pitch in the chorus. This song is relatable to anyone who has experienced one-sided love with Sheeran pleading to his muse: Don’t call me baby/ Unless you mean it /Don’t tell me you need me/ If you don’t believe it.

4. Shape of You

Sheeran’s album picks up tempo in this song whose chorus and beat are catchy af.

5. Perfect

This is the song Sheeran credits as being better than Thinking Out Loud. He told BBC News that it’s about his current girlfriend Cherry Seaborn. It’s no surprise that this song gets you caught in your feels and swooning over the British pop star (not to mention jealous of his gf).

6. Galway Girl

In an interview with the Irish Times, Sheeran says Niamh Dunne, the violinist in the Irish band called Beoga, was the inspiration for the tune, but the rest is fiction. Lots of fiddles make this perfect for an Irish jig.

7. Happier

Happier describes the way we wouldn’t want to feel after a break up. Sheeran sings: Cause baby you look happier, you do/ My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too. Sheeran talks about how a former flame appears happier with her new love interest. This bittersweet tune will tug at your heart strings.

8. New Man

Like Eraser, Sheeran channels his inner rapper in this song. He mocks the “pretty boy” image of his ex’s new beau, saying: Your new man rents a house in the burb, and wears a man bag on his shoulder but I call it a purse. Sheeran sounds sure of himself in this song and we’re loving it!

9. Hearts Don’t Break Around Here

Another romantic ballad where the British pop star praises his lover in every way possible. *sigh*

10. What Do I Know?

An optimistic tune that’s sure to lift your spirits. If any musician can change the world with a piano it’s def Ed Sheeran.

11. How Would You Feel (Paean)

Yet another heartfelt ballad about Sheeran falling deeper in love with his girlfriend. Can he stop being so sweet already?

12. Supermarket Flowers

Do NOT listen to this song in bed at 2 a.m. unless you want to cry yourself to sleep. Sheeran tells MTV UK this song is about his grandmother who passed away while he was making the album.

13. Barcelona

Who knows what Sheeran was thinking when he placed this song after Supermarket Flowers, but thankfully he did. The upbeat tune will dry your tears from the previous song and make you want to fly to Spain and drink sangria all day.

14. Bibia Be Ye Ye

We have no idea what the title of this song means but the beat might cause some uncontrollable shimmying. Sheeran talks about the morning after a wild night out: I lost my shoes last night/ I don’t know where I put my keys. Anyone else relate to this? Ed Sheeran just gets us.

15. Nancy Mulligan

Two lovers running away together, lots of flutes and more Irish jigginess. 10/10 would recommend.

16. Save Myself

The album closes with this slow ballad that talks about putting yourself first after doing so much for others – a message we could all use.

You can listen to Divide on Spotify!


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