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Ever since high school, my once-soft-and-glowy skin was filled with blemishes, pimples and acne scars that refused to go away. If I get rid of one, five more flaws have appeared to replace the first. Drugstore brands have stopped working on my skin, so I turned to LUSH. What really intriguied me the most besides the cruelty-free aspects was the fact that they used natural ingredients to heal my skin. After grabbing as many samples as I can when I make a trip to the aromatic store, I have compiled a list of recommendations for all my friends, and I would love to share it with you!

1. Ocean Salt

If you have to buy just one item at LUSH, get the ocean salt! Made with sea salt and avocado, this life-saver exfoliates and freshens the skin. It removes dead skin cells and makes your face feel so damn smooth. Although the sea salt may seem harsh, Ocean Salt is perfect for sensitive, acne-prone skin like mine! I definitely would say that Ocean Salt helped me get rid of most of my blemishes ever since I started using it two years ago. I usually get the biggest size and it lasts me about a year!

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2. Eau Roma

This was recommended to me by a sales associate at LUSH! The light floral smell of Eau Roma keeps me calm and relaxed. It has two active ingredients, the first being rose, which calms down irritation, and the second being lavender, which is used to balance out the skin’s oils. It leaves my face smooth and soft after a good exfoliation. I love getting the biggest size, the 8.4 fl oz, because it could last me a good one to two years before I need to replenish my supply.

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3. Celestial

Not going to lie, but I think LUSH’s moisturizers are overprized and not really worth the bucks you pay. But every winter, my T-zone suffers from flaky skin, no matter how many times I moisturize throughout the day. Thankfully, my friend recommended that I use Celestial from LUSH. Not only is the vanilla scent so mesmerizing, the lotion actually works on balancing the dryness of my skin during the winter. I use it once a day, but the small container lasts me about three to four months, the whole duration of the season.

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4. Dirty (Shaving Cream)

I hate shaving, but I hate having hair in unwanted places even more. In the past, I have bought handles of shaving creams from drugstore, but after a while, my skin is still prone to scratches, bumps, and dryness. Dirty has changed my shaving game. It moisturizes my skin and preps it for the blades! The only complaint that I have is that it clogs up my disposable razor, so I switch out quicker than normal.

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5. Grease Lightning

This is probably my holy grail, the product that really got me into LUSH. Small but mighty, the Grease Lightning Spot Treatment is infused with aloe vera, tea tree, and rosemary so that it calms and targets the problematic areas of your face. This might dry out your skin after a few minutes, so do not forget to moisturize!

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6. Angels on Bare Skin

One of the best cleansers you can ever find! Soft with almond bits and nourishing with lavender, Angels on Bare Skin does make you feel like a glowing angel after one wash. Although it can get messy through application, this product exfoliates gently without removing your skin’s natural oils.

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7. Mask of Magnaminty

This is probably the first product I heard about from LUSH, referred to by my cousin. One of the only self-preserving masks in the line, Mask of Magnaminty leaves you feeling relaxed and removes the debris in your pores. The scent sold me immediately as it reminded me of sweet chocolate mint.

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Jessica Lee is a third-year Communication student at UCSB pursuing a certificate in Technology Management Program and a Professional Writing minor. When she's not studying for exams, you can find her enjoying the sunshine at the beach, binge-watching TV shows on Netflix, and catching up with her friends. Keep up with Jessica on Instagram @jessicca.lee
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