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Bachelor Parodies To Pregame the Bachelor Finale With

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSB chapter.

I find parodies of the Bachelor extremely interesting because they are based off of a show that is dubbed “reality,” yet the show itself could easily be mistaken for a parody of something else, given its extremely entertaining element and comical undertone. These parodies are sure to get you excited for the Bachelor finale and also prompt you to secretly want a slightly ridiculous finale. They are funny, somewhat savage, and most importantly realistic!

Bland Man 

Not saying Ben is bland… but also not saying he isn’t…

The Baby Bachelor

There may be no “Twin” in this season, but the contestants’ occupations do include “Finger Painter”, “Stay-At-Home Daughter”, and “Duck Duck Gooser.” This is just episode 1. Believe it or not, there are 4 more episodes to watch! 

The Bachelor With Dogs

Just imagine that every scene in the Bachelor also contained a bunch of puppies. Like what if a bunch of puppies were always following Ben Higgins around. You know that scene where Olivia is left on the island? Well now imagine Ben leaving her but also taking 20 puppies away from her too. Drama would increase, emotions would skyrocket, and of course Ben would seem even hotter. 

The Honest Bachelor

Saying, “I love you” to two different women is pretty damn honest.

The Roommate

Ben, who will you choose to sign the lease?

The First Gay Bachelor

Now let’s make it a reality, yeah?

Farm Hunk

Blake Shelton, I would personally like to ask you to be the next Bachelor. Plus, he’s an expert at being a TV personality, so seriously it would be a win-win for ABC and the viewers. 

…and shoutout to my boy Chris Soules. ;) 

Burning Love

This was a real show with multiple seasons. I repeat: a real show. 


Now who’s ready to watch the Bachelor?!





Sarah is a first-year student studying Communication and Art at UCSB. She is a breakfast food enthusiast and lover of animated movies and the outdoors. If you can’t find her at the beach, find her on Instagram @sorendipity
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