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I feel like everyone’s biggest struggle when it comes to shopping is finding the perfect pair of jeans. From making sure your butt looks good in them to finding a pair that fits you and your style, there are so many factors that play into jean shopping it’s ridiculous! Having been a generation-long issue amongst all women, many know the hassle of trying to search for that universal pair of jeans to fit with all those cute tops you just bought!

As someone who grew to be 5’11 her senior year of high school, trust me when I say I KNOW the struggle of trying to shop for jeans. I remember all the times I walked into a store with friends and sighed knowing that no matter which jeans I tried on (even the oversized ones) that they wouldn’t fit me like they had on the mannequins. Most jeans I tried on would only reach to the middle of my calf, making me look like the soccer mom among all my trendy and stylish friends. It’s taken me years to accept that it was no use trying on clothes I knew wouldn’t fit, and so I had to search for the tall clothes out there on my own. 

Over quarantine, I’ve found lots of online and in person shops that carry taller sizes and even though I’m still on the search for those legendary perfect jeans, I’ve come across a lot of decent ones that have made me more comfortable in my height and style. 

Online Shopping

Online shopping became one of my biggest pass times during quarantine with it being both safe from Covid-19 and easy to access. Over the past year, I’ve found these sites to be easily navigated and accommodating when making returns or exchanges in sizes.


This site has become my favorite place to shop for jeans and other apparel. I bought my favorite pair of mom jeans and an extra long flannel jacket from this site that I wear with almost every outfit. Their collection changes periodically so if you see something you like, make sure to add it to your cart! Additionally, their return policy is really efficient, which makes for a great shopping experience. The greatest part of this site is that their pants sizes come in two separate measurements: waist and length. Just make sure when you’re shopping that you set the filter to “tall” and you’re all set!


I don’t have as much experience with this website, but from what I’ve heard this is also a reliable shop for tall girls looking for long stylish jeans. I just bought a longer jacket from them recently and it’s now my go to casual zip up. It seems to be good quality so I have hope in continuing to shop with this site.

In-Person Shopping

When it comes to in person shopping, I have some news for the especially tall girls like myself. The jeans aren’t as long as the ones that can be ordered online, but there is still hope in styling these jeans even with the shorter length.

American Eagle

Along with the very cute tops that can be found throughout the store, American Eagle actually holds taller sizes for specific styles of jeans. This tends to be the extra length that girls who are 5’8-5’9 need, and even though that’s not enough for those who are 5’10 and up, that extra stretch is actually extremely beneficial for the taller girls as well (especially when it comes to styling). Regardless, American Eagle has a good diversity of jean styles and sizes, so it’s definitely worth looking into while you’re at your local mall.

Old Navy

Now for the most cost efficient option! Old Navy is known for their low prices and seasonal sales, but what many don’t know is that they also sell longer pants. Although the quality may not be as good as the other places I’ve listed above, their jeans are good for a budget and give that extra 2 inches to turn the capri’s into actual jeans. I’d say that despite the cheaper material, Old Navy is still worth looking into for the price and length alone.

I want to give a reminder that shopping can be difficult for anyone. It may seem frustrating to try on pair after pair of jeans, but nothing good comes easy! I encourage you to try the shops above, but I also want to reiterate that if these clothing lines don’t fit you well, that’s okay. People come in all different sizes, shapes, and body types, so shopping is going to be a different experience for everyone. Regardless I wish you all luck in your shopping endeavors and hope you come to find those legendary perfect jeans we’re all on the hunt for.

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