94 Thoughts I Had While Watching HTGAWM's Mid-Season 3 Premier

Soooo TGIT is *finally* back and so is my all time favorite, HTGAWM. Last quarter, the premier of season 3 left me with some thoughts. After the shocking news of (SPOILER ALERT) Wes' death, I knew that the mid-season premier would be no different. So, I've once again decided to document my thoughts while watching the return of our favorite ABC drama, as any self-centered blogger would. 

1. Is Annalise imagining seeing Wes right now orrrr??? 

2. Oh, it's legit. How cute are Wes and Maggie together?!

3. Did Annalise saying "totally" make everyone uncomfortable or is this just me?

4. Seeing Annalise in a jail cell is just so...defeating. :( 

5. Search her HAIR?! Is this actually a thing?

6. This montage back and forth between Wes's autopsy and Annalise's booking is disturbing. 

7. Also very, very sad. :( 

8. How is Annalise supposed to pay for a jail fine WHILE IN JAIL?

9. Our prison system really is messed up. If you think about it, this is really a comment on the United States' outdated judicial institutions.  

10. I can't even image the life of a prison guard. Does she admit people like Annalise on a daily basis? Also, what is her pay? 

11. Um. Talk about the WORST triple room ever. 

12. Laurel, you can't seriously think Frank did this, can you?!

13. Bonnie, defend the man!

14. Connor has been perpetually angry all season. I'm over his 'tude.

15. FRANK!!!

16. No, I don't think you'd do this to Annalise, Frank :'(

17.  If for Eve it would be a conflict of interest to represent Annalise, wouldn't Bonnie be even more so?

18. I mean, Bonnie has worked for Annalise for YEARS.

19. Ooooh, sexy tub scene between Laurel and Wes. ;)

20. "If I wasn't so big it never would have broke" WAS THAT AN ACTUAL WES GIBBONS LINE?!

21. ohmygosh ew.

22. Maggie. Poor Maggie. 

23. Can you imagine if your ex-boyfriend/love of your life died in a tragic fire and then you had to nurse his new pregnant girlfriend back to health? 

24. Ok, Wes kinda makes sense. But why would Annalise want to murder Laurel too?

25. "You're afraid she's gonna want to adopt it?" Ouch. That was a low-blow, Connor.

26. Michaela, just let Asher in. 

27. "I kind of recall you hating him before he became BBQ" TALK ABOUT DARK AND WAY TOO SOON, CONNOR.

28. Ok, this lady is just assuring me that I DEF don't want to go to jail. Ever.

29. Roomie #2 stepping in like a boss to defend Annalise, I'm interested in knowing more about her.

30. "I imagine any demotion might be construed as sexual harassment" Dannnnngggggg, Nate! HOLDIN. IT. DOWN.

31. Ohmygosh Asher. 




35. That entire scene was iconic.

36. Michaela. Stop! Pushing! Asher! Away! :(

37. Oliver making connections to Keating 5 secrets is scary. 

38. He's a cinnamon roll. Too good for this world. Too pure.

39. Nate has done sooo much for Annalise. 

40. Sooo much. Too much.

41. We all need a man half as loyal as Nate. 

42. I've said this before, and I will say it again: he's a real one.

43. Poor Annalise. :(

44. Although Nate is real, Frank is still the realest of real ones though. 

45. Can we talk about how bad-ass everything Frank does looks? 

46. Man has connections everywhere. 

47. Also LOL at Bonnie looking Annalise straight in the eye and lying about Frank's help. 

48. "What would Sam say right now?" Probably some overused, typical F-boy thing, Frank. 

49. Sam was the worst. #NotARealOne

50. Is it endearing or creepy that Asher still refers to Bonnie as Bon-Bon?

51. I'm going with the Mahone killed Wes theory. 

52. "You should just get an abortion now because Waitlist isn't the kind of father you want for your child." Officially done with Connor. It's over. Canceled. 

53. Connor MORE than deserves this can of whoop-ass Asher is unleashing. 

54. "I assume there's a reason that he went all Frat-boy on you." Maggie knows what's up. 

55. "I said something stupid."  That's one, very LIGHT way to put it. *rolls eyes*

56. Okayyyyy, why is Michaela being unreasonable? 

57. I could look at Frank/listen to his voice all day every day for the rest of forever. 

58. Did...she just say KEATING?

59. HANNAH IS ANNALISE'S SISTER?!?!?!?!?!? (wait was this something I missed personally?) 

60. W h a t i s h a p p e n i n g. 

61. "Because I was embarrassed of [Asher]" *insert crying emoji*

62. That Wes/Michaela scene was super endearing. <3

63. "No matter how high or how far we climb, they're gonna find a way to pull us back down." Jail cell roomie is speaking too much truth about institutionalized racism in our country today. 

64. Am I the only one who still hasn't gotten over the fact that Bonnie's last name is WINTERBOTTOM? *5th grade giggles*


66. Bonnie is doing a kick-ass job btw, all jokes aside. 

67. I'm afraid Annalise is going to see Frank and flip out. 

68. "I said some stuff I shouldn't have," stop down-playing your terrible behavior, Connor. 

69. Oliver. I love you. 

70. Connor may be acting like an awful human being but he does truly love Oliver. 

71. Protect Oliver at all costs 2017. 

72. Okay. The prosecution has a solid argument t b h. 

73. Ughhhh Frank is so hot. 

74. I still don't believe it was Annalise. 


76. Wait. 

77. WHAT.

78. Wasn't Wes supposedly dead before the fire??

79. Nooooo Laurel, you don't mean what you're saying. 

80. Laurel, you love Frank. 

81. Laurel, stop talking. 

82. Laurel SHUT UP. 

83. Something fishy is going on with this coroner. 

84. "It's Frank, leave a message" even his voicemail is sexy. 

85. Okay I'm sorry I can't ship Frank and Bonnie. 



88. No. 

89. Um, nope. 

90. Hahahahahahahhaha no.

91, It wasn't Frank. 

92. I refuse to accept this. 

93. It wasn't him. 

94. At the end of the season we're going to find out IT'S. NOT. FRANK.